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Infosys Placement Paper 79


Infosys Placement Papers

INFOSYS-Placement Paper-06 July 2006

I have to really thank this site becoz of which I have been placed in first company I tried-INFOSYS.

DATE: 6th and 7th july 2006
VENUE: st josephs colg of enggv


6th July : We were made to wait for 2 hrs aft which v had the presentation after presentation we were sent to respective blocks for each colg for writin exam. We were asked to fill appln form, FILL it CAREFULLY. After that we were given answer sheet with 2 rough sheets.
Then q paper and 1hour-

Aptitude q paper-:

1) if 1 and 6 ,2 and 5 ,3 and 4 are always opposite wat are number of combinations possible?(repeated)

2) if 14 in a is equal to 36 in b.133 in a is equal to 87 in b then at wat temp both are equal?(repeated)
ans :52.5

3) if a mule can travel half distance without any load in 12 mileshr and other half distance with load at 4 mileshr wat is average speed?
Ans)6 mileshr

4) there are 100 pieces of puzzle how many ways can u join all the pieces?

5)the diamonds,ruby etc proble (8 marks_)

a) 3,10,7,8,_,12,9,16
b) 46656,3125,256,27,_,1

7) if a farmer divides all the mangoes he has into rows of 3,5,7,9 he finds there is stil one left.but when he divides it into rows of 11 he finds none is left.wats the total no of mangoes?

8) theres a island in which the farther always tell truth, where the mother lies once and tel truth (ie tells truth and lie alternately, in no specific order), and boys and girls lik mother tel truth and lie alternately .
now I met a child I ask him whether he is a boy or girl but he replies in a language I cant understand.
First person says: robi says im a boy
Second person: robi is a girl. robi lied
a) Who was the first person to speak (mother or father)
b) who is roby (girl or boy)
ans)everyone had their own version, if any q of mine was wrong then mayb this, or part of this

9) jewels problem(simpl)

10) whose pilot?(repeated)

if anyone has doubt in any q they can ask me I wil tel them. After the written we waited for 5 hours and then results were announced at 8:30pm. wow it was gr8.
Since it was very late they told us to come for interview next day.

7th july : we reached at 8 am, and if u don't know abt st josephs boys and girls are not allowed not to talk to each other there and not even stand next to each other. thats the horriblest thing there but the colg has gr8 infrastructure (amazing colg)
ok interview for our colg mnm jain engg started at 11am.they called me first, I think it was accordin to who scored highest.

I went inside, quite confident.there were ten diff panels. my hr was an elderly person, he asked my resume.

1) Then he asked me to tel something abt myself (not any personal traits, only something abt colg or school of family in description). he didn't let me complete

2) then he asked me to tel which event I enjoyed organized and which one I enjoyed most (I wrote I organized event). he didn't let me complete

3) he gave puzzles. I got 6 puzzles in interview

a) on table he had matchsticks and stapler pins and askd me to mve a grape within the stapler by movin 2 matchstick. he gave me 10 seconds. didn't get as diff
b) 4 circles they should all be equidistqnt to each other?
Maybe rhombus, he gave ten seconds
c) gave some series (I got it)
he gave ten seconds and when he saw I was abt to get ans he said ok leave
d) 10 kgs iron ,10 kgs cotton thrown from a height which wil fall first and reason?
He gave 5 seconds.answer maybe both fall together
e) 3 tumblers one is 20 liter, other 3, 5 liters. 20liter is full and other 2 are empty. do something to get exactly 4 liter. Didn't let me try for more than 2 steps.7-10 seconds he gave
f) then abt weights kept on a measure indin weigth?
He gave 15 or more second I told ans first then he changed q and made it more difficult

After that he askd whether I was ready to transfer anywhere
Always say yes never say no , tel u lik cin new places and want to understand the people, surroundin etc of the place, which is not possible in 2 days or so

Then he askd if I had any qs, I askd abt exposure as soft engg, when wil v be able to met customers directly?
He answered.

I had no hope of getting selected absolutely you know y? because al my friends got maximum of 2 puzzles and some got 1 puzzle, some got 1 puzzle and many didn't get any puzzles they were askd wat they do on Sunday

Some were askd y is manhole round and not square?
Some were given nice situations lik-:
1) wat would u do if u became very rich, how wil u help society wit it ?
2) if u find a paper which is half torn on road, wat are steps u wil take to find the full details abt the paper? Etc

I was very sad and thought it to be very unfair as other were askd very simpl things where as I was the only 1 wh got 6 puzzles.
My interview was over soon and from 12 to 6:30 we had to wait , then they announced the results. my name was announced I was very happy. U maybe thinking how did I get selected. well I had stress interview. Yes its very rare for a fresher but it does happen sometimes so don't ever loose hope.
And best of luck to u all.

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