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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
Home » Placement Papers » MBT Placement Papers »MBT Placement Paper 21st FEBRUARY

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MBT Placement Paper 21st FEBRUARY




Hi !!

I am Disha Goel. I went through Tech Mahindra 's Selection procedure on 21 Feb. 2007 at GVMIT,Sonepat.

The test consisted of 3 rounds

1. online aptitude cum vocabulary test.

2. technical interview.

3. hr interview.



5 SECTIONS IN THIS. you will be described the procedure how to go through the online test..either in ppt or in the test hall..



bt I had got it 4m freshersworld ,NEGATIVE MARKING IS THERE..

Time :1 hour.abt 70-80 ques.

Section 1 : Aptitude (Verbal n Non-verbal)

            2 : Logical Reasoning

            3 : Fill in the Blanks( with prepositions, verbs, tenses)

            4 : Word Meanings etc..

            5 : Comprehension Paragraph (10 Ques)


there were variable questions in each section...in one or two it was 10 ques,, in one 15 ques,, n then abt 20 ques in the remaining two..


1. Aptitude was easy but you need to be quite sure with short cut formulaes...profit n loss(short cuts in rs agg)

percentage,mensuration,algebra,simple trigonometry, sum of series n nth term type.., time n speed, age problem,


2. Series completion was asked in many questions( not as easy as R.S.aGGARWAL)  

Series were like time see this one...

11:32am , 04:31pm, 11:52 am........

sum of times in first one 7, in second- 8, in third -9..


other seies were like a 3x3 matrix ,,find the last alphabet,,,  venn diagrams,, child , male , engineers, blood relations..


20 ques,, i took most of the time in this section b'coz of series... series were mostly on time like things,,there were easy ones also...like squares..


3. I completed 10 questions here in 5 minutes..

correct form of tenses..

correct use of prepositions

at: used with small towns, villages

in: big cities, provinces, countries..


we often make mistakes with tenses n prepositions b'coz we hav got out of schools where time was given on grammar things...i would say that even a good school time grammar book can suffice for this section..


4. word meanings--synonyms,,antonyms etc..

as i was preparing for tcs exam, i was going through barrons..that was easy...sentence correction questions also..


5.I thought that there wud be comprehension, we were told outside by previous slot students that " 10 questions based on paragraph"

so thought to deal with at last.

but i got only 7 mins with this section

thank God that comprehension was easy    

in this 10 questions like fill ups were given which really helped me to go thru this only in 5 mins....


There WAS Sectional cut off this way

1.combined sectional cut off for section 1n 2..(maths n reasoning section )

2.combined sectional cut r three english sections...

i managed to attempt atleast 80 pc ques in each section,,,, n i attempted 100pc ques in 2 sections(3 n 1)

So,,,with God's blessings,,,I cleared this one line test...results within 1/2 an hour ..


I was asked to move for my technical interview , I had it after 15 mins,,in which I had to change too..,, n get prepared mentally..


Technical Interview

I was given a form to fill in before goin 2 the interviewee,, general details ,,passport status,,, career objective,,, n where u see urself succesively in 3 positions after joining(I didn't fill this section n i think it was a right decision)


He asked for my cv...i gav him.  

thn brief intro..(ofcourse technical)


fav sub: analog communication

asked about modulation,,,types of modulation,,, difference in amplitude n frequency modulations..,,,,asked some general frequencies...


asked about universal gate.

asked whether i can realize other gates with help of basic ones... i said i can ,, bt i will take time,,, as i was not prepared with short cut..


then training part..i did at Hughes Systique

so he said how many people u knw at Systique...I said 15- 20,,, from trainees to mentor,,, my mentors project-mates then..

2 from accounts, receptionist, hr ma'am.


he asked about training more n more,,, i had done in XML...so asked why is xml called Extensible----b'coz we can create our own tags...

he asked what other advantages -- i explained all,,,platform independent asked again in detail)  ,,, data sharing(asked again in detail)


then he put example situations regarding XML, n asked questions, whether u can retrieve data or not etc...


Then he said if i hav any probs abroad. I said no.

He asked me to ask him something---- I asked abt his experience in tech mahindra,,, his career from 11 years in different organizations

we discussed the 122pc last quarter growth of tech mahindra..


again with a smile,,, he asked r u open 4 marriage after 2 years...He had been asking abt my plans abt further studies. I said no, I wish to put my skills n knowledge into work..

Results of technical.... out in 20 mins..... cleared it!!!


HR Interview  

brief intro

asked abt company-- establishment in india--- i said in 1988... he said 1986

i was wrong so i cover up lik this--- i said that i read it 1988 on site,,, if it wud hav been 1986,,,i would hav remebered it well as i was born in that year,, he said dats y i aske u this as u were born in 1986...i knew i covered my mistake with this thing

he asked about my hometown --ambala

asked me to prove myself best among few candidates...

prooved it!!


results out in another 1/2 an hour cleared everything nw,,,was given letter of intent soon..  

With every1's wishes n God's blessings....I cleared this whole procedure....


its nt that difficult....believe in yourself....!!!!

All de best all of you!!!


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