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MindTree Placement Paper 4


MINDTREE Latest Fresher Placement Question Paper 2 2004

Mind Tree 20/5/2004..

120 attended the exam
24 short listed for GD.
8 short listed for Interview.
2 are finally short listed.

In Interview they are asking to explain the program
you have written. and also about one of your
intersting subject. HR questions are cool.Tell me
about yourself and family.

GD topics.

1. if both husband and wife are working in the same
2.cordination between educational institutions and
3.Linux Vs Microsoft. Which will perish?.

MINDTREE Latest Fresher Engineer Placement Sample Question Paper 2 2004

For written test
45 aptitute questions.These Questions take time.
1 programing question. We have to write program(This
program will be evaluated if you are qualified for
Interview).you will be given choice(ie write one out
of two given)

both the programs are on files

1. we have to count the 3 letter,4letter and 5letter
words from a file and print the number of 3
letter,4letter and 5letter words. Delimiter is
space,tab,hifen.Also we should not consider the line
in the file after we encounter # in that line.(ie
after # we should not consider the portion of line)

2. in file count the number of charecters,number of
words,number of line.Delimiter between words is given
as command line argument.

1hour 15 min is given for the test. we have to answer
both apptitue and program with in this time.

some of the apptitue questions.

1. the is a meeting organised, every person shake
hands with the other only once.if there are 60 shake
hands,how many persons are there in the meeting?.

2.A fater has 8 children ,he takes 3 at a time to a
zoo.probability of a child going to the zoo.

3. a father has six children .all the children are
born at regular intervels.if the sum of their ages of
all the children and father is 186. calculate the age
of the elder son, when the younger sons age is 3.

4.count the numbers between 100 and 300, that starts
with 2 and ends with 2. Ans: 10.
5.some reasoning questions

1. there are six steps,5 people a,b,c,d,e .
conditions are , a is two steps below c,no two people
are on same step,b is next to d.
4 Questions based on this

2. 5 people participating in the race .conditions are
given about the positions.

6.a ball is dropped from a height of 10 feet.Every
time it rebounces to half of the height. how many
feet it travelled?

7.There are 3 jars. The ratio of spirit to water in
each of these jars is 3:2,4:5,5:7. the three jars are
mixed into a single jar. What is the ration of spirit
to water in single jar.

8. What is the relation with your mothr's sister's
brother's wife's child with you.?

9.what is the relation with your mother's husband's
father-in-law's son's child with you?

10.we were asked to fill the series, alpabet sreris 4
questions are given.

11. 5 questions are given, we are asked to find the
logical connection betwween them.
like all managers are drinkers,all drinker are smokers
,questions like this.

Thats all i remember. Hope this will give you idea
about MindTree. Best of luck .

Mindtree Pattern.

1st Round: APTITUDE TEST: 45 Questions (QUANT AND
and 1 C Program.

2nd Round: GD(Time 30 minutes,15 members) TOPIC was
" Do u think indian IT people are overpaid".

3rd Round: TECHNICAL and HR: Questions on
c,operating systems,c++

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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