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Home » Placement Papers » Motorola Placement Papers » Motorola Palcement Paper

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Motorola  Placement Paper



Motorola Interview.


   There was a Technical Interview,followed by personal interview. Mainly concetrating on the interesting subjects. 
  Write a Code

  1. To reverse a string using a recursive function, without  swapping or using an extra memory.

  2. To reverse a linked list as above. given a macro like
    #define MAX(A,B) {to return that is larger}                                        
    what will MAX(i++,j),MAX(i,j++) return.

  3. Difference between Macro and ordinary definition. Difference between Class and Struct.

  4. Testing and Maintenance.(will you work in it and what are they) Give the outputs of a compiler and assembler and loader and linker etc. If a new data structure, suppose a queue is to be added like int, long  etc., where shall the changes be -- lex or yacc or where.

  5. what is a Real Time OS.Name some.

  6. Describe VRTX in few words.

  7. How does the scheduler know the time how it should be scheduled

  8. sockets, TLI, streams..  and much about project 

  9. What is deadlock? How do you avoid it?                                             

  10. What is a semaphore?

  11. What exactly happens after each system call in sockets, both at the  client and at the server.

  12. What is the difference between widget & gadget in XWindows?

  13. Tell about strtok & strstr functions.

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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