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Home » Placement Papers » Newgen Placement Papers » Newgen Palcement Paper

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Newgen  Placement Paper


Newgen paper

The paper was lengthy. 60 ques in 30 min. 

10 ques for 2 marks each. 50 ques for 1 mark each. It was not clear whether 
there was negative marking but I think it was not. The person said there 
might be negative marking. 
Check the answers urself 

**how to represent > in html 

**3-4 other questions on html. On cookies, url etc. 
(cookies are there on browser side) I think this was the ques. 

**Microprocessor 8085 based questions on address bus , data bus. 

3 questions of the type 24 bits bus 190 instructions 
1)No of bits in the opcode - 8 
2) no of bits in the address - 16 
3) no of memory areas that can be accessed - 65536 

**for mod 9 counter how many min flips flops are required 
ans) 4 

**in hamming code we have 4 bit data. How many extra bits are required for 

**read java basics, 4-5 questions. read classes, overriding member 
functions, inheritance basics etc 

**what does select represent in relational algebra 
ans) project 

**given a rel in II normal form. To be in third normal form the non key 
attributes must be 
1) dependent 
2) independent ------- ans 
3) none 
4) ?? 

**we bring a file from NTFS to fat. What will change 

ans) security 

**in file inode what is not there 

1) name -- ans 
2) size 
3) owner 
4) mode 

**standard port of telnet 
ans) 23 

**which is not a communication program 
1) flash -- ans 
2) browser 
3) ftp 

**windows 95 is 
1) event driven -- ans 
2) message driven 
3) multi user 

** windows nt has which scheduling 
1) multitasking non preemptive 
2) multitasking preemptive - ans (perhaps) 
3) single tasking 

**which of the following is true for Domain name 
max length is 25 
should have .com 
should be registered to interNIC -- ans 

**which file saves registry 
1) regedit 
2) user.ini and system.dat 
3) user.dat and system.dat ---- ans 

**what is logical view of database 

**what is native file system of windows NT 
ans) ntfs 

**find 2's complement of -3510 

**a question of full adder 

** a = 65 
find a^b (XOR) 

**what is referential integrity 

**how many process are formed by 6 fork in a program 
ans) 26 

**windows programming question. What message will quit the loop 
ans) WM_QUIT 

**a set of procedures to communicate 
ans) protocol 

**convert digital to analog and vice versa. 
Ans) modem 

** what JEQ command in assembly 

**what is invalid for < img> tag n html 
1) left 
2) center 
3) right 
4) top 

**order of events on unloading a form 
I think ans was query unload, unload, terminate 

**to convert an exp from infix to postfix 
the expression had exponentiation(^) so check its precedence 

**to find the preorder traversal of a tree 

**which has file security 
ans) NTFS 

** in HSI(hue saturation intensity) what is h 
1) white light component 
2) intensity 
3) brightness 
4) ... 

**which is hardware device 
1) repeater 
2) bridge 
3) router 
4) gateway 

**in which locking scheme no one else can access ur data 
ans) exclusive 

** a question on java . delete an object without creating it using new 

**default access specifier in a class 
ans) private 

**int a=018; 
int b=026; 
int c=034; 

int d=057; 


ans) I think octal output 

**ripple counter. Given an output. Find four stage prev output 

**which does not have a fat 
1) linux 
2) nt 
3) windows 2000 
4) windows 98 
I am not sure about this ques. If it was fat32 then ans should be NT. If it 
was only FAT then ans should be linux 

**what is true about tree 
1) only 1:1 relationship 
2) only 1:many 
3) atleast one 1:many 
4) atlest one many:many 

** what is virtual memory size in windows 9x. 
2 GB 
4 GB --- ans 

** 2 questions from exploring C . very good ques. 
Pg : 278 Q27 
Pg : 342 Q 12 


3. spooling is a technique for
a. improving utilisation of CPU and i/o devices
b. improving -do- of disk
c. -do- of tape
d. -do- of printer

2. A dynamic link library
a. can be loaded explicitly
b. is loaded when the application linking to it is being loaded
c. both of the above
d. none

3. Which of the following CPU scheduling algorithm is optimum and 
required to thoroughly of a system
a. First come first serve
b. shortest job first
c. round robin
d. none

4.synchronisation is a process by which
a. It is ensured that only one processes or accesses of a resource at 
b. ************* accesses to a resources is prohibited
c. two computers communicate on internet
d. none

5. a system can be prevented from entering into dead lock by
a. Allowing a process to start executing only after itb has requested 
and acquired all the resources
b. Allow a peocess to hold only one resources
c. Numbering all the resources and making processes required them in 
strictly increasing no.
d. any

6. Which of the following short method will have the poorest 
performance in already sorted list
a. radix sort
b. quick sort
c. insertion
d. shell


8. An image processing system takes as input
a. a real image
b. a graphics model
c. mathematics model -ANS
d. synthetic model

NOTE: look out for answer for yourself

9. baud rate is measured in
a. no. of bits per second
b. bytes/sec.
c. KB/sec
d. MB/sec -ANS

10. which is not true for a friend function
a. a function may be declared a friend of more than one class
b. it does not have a class scope
c. it can be declared any where without affecting its meaning
d. it requires an object that declares it friend for invoking it

11. The normal form that solves the problem of repitition of a constant is 
called multivalued dependent
a. 3NF
c. 4NF
d. 5NF

12. Two disk file in which window NT 95,98 registery stored
a. system.DAT and user.DAT
b. sustem.DAT and win.DAT
c. system.INI & user.INI
d. system.INI & win.INI

13. In 32 bit win.ENV two process using same DLL
a. DLL loaded once , mapped to virtual address space of first process
NOTE: more options are not available

14. )now we are giving the answer and question in a single line

15. )protected memory is used by ? all WIN. 95 , 97. 98

16. )what is uni code? IS the standared for encoding of wide character

17. )A dynamic link library? Is loaded when application linking to it is 
being loaded

18. )A Terrminal sends request for information to mainframe computer 
system which in turn reteives the info. And displayss it on terminal. This 
type of computing is? CLIENT\SERVER

19. )smartdriv.EXE is virtualdrive

20. )NATIVE FILE system is of WIN 95 is?FAT

21. )What is the memory managment model used by DOS? SEGMENTED

22. )mode used for achieving inter process comm. ?
a) stacks
b) messaging queues
c)shared memory
d)disk file

23. )Typical data transfer rate s in LAN of the order of
a) bits/sec
b) Kbits/sec
c) Mbits /sec
d) none

24. )which statement is true for the context of process
a)all the incodes being used for process
b) the Users allocated for the process
c) process defined by global users variables and data

25. )What will be the output of the following code?
Int a=0, b=0;
ANS= 01

26 )MAIN memory of windows?? 4GB

26 )Conventional memory of dos??640KB


28 )If there is any question on c++ Ans is ?C?,THERE IS COMPILATION ERROR

29 )Int I=10s
I=I++ + ++ I;
ANS= 23
30 )Premption is not allowed in ?? printer&tape

31 ) prepaging is a mechanism used to resolve?? Thrashing

32)unit of virtual memory ?? pages

33 )Djastra bankers algoarathim used for ?? deadlock recovery

34 )Foreign key is ?? composite key

35 External fragmentation doesnot occurs in ?? SEGMENTED

in section B TOTAL QUESTION 10 --- MAX MARKS 20

QUESTOIN 3 answer is O/P IS 111213



TOTAL Test is of 70 marks we are sending sectin A=50 section B=20 we 
are sending worth 41 marks

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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