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Home » Placement Papers » Novell Placement Papers » Novell Palcement Paper 1


Novell placement paper of 2007


1. Encryption and decryption is done in the following layer.

a) DLL
b) Network layer
c) Transport
d) Presentation

Ans: (d)

2. Floating point has different formats on two different machines.
This modifications are taken care by which layer?

a) DLL
b) Network layer
c) Transpor layer
d) Presentation

Ans: (d)

3. Time complexity of quick sort algorithm is

a) N*N
b) log(N)
c) N*log(N)
d) N

Ans: (c)

4. Time complexity of AVL tree is .

a) N*N
b) log(N)
c) N*log(N)
d) N

Ans: (b)

5. Cycle stealing is used in which concept?

a) Programmed I/O
b) DMA
c) Interrupts

Ans: (b)

6. How many octets are there in an IP address

a) 6
b) 8

7.What are the maximum number of hosts that can be served by an IP

a) 254
b) 256
c) 2**24(2 to the power 24)

8. Which of the following is model representation of life cycle software

a) Water fall model
b) Spiral

9. The purpose of reviewing code is

a) To find syntax error
b) Tocheck for the proper design

10. Semaphores are used for the resolution of

a) Contention
b) Accessing of same resources by more than one

11.In threading of processes when the race condition will happen

a) Low priority process
b) Higher priority process

(See O.S.Concepts by Silberschatz)

12.Which of the following function is not performed by O.S.

a) CPU sheduling
b) Memory management
c) Transaction

Ans: (c)

13. If two applicaltion programmes uses same libraries which of following are shared

a) Lib code
b) Code and stack
c) Data
d) Data, code and stack

14. Which is the maximum 16 bit signed integer.

a) 66337
b) 66338
c) 257
d) 258

15.When will interrupt occurs?

a) Divide by zero
b) DMA completed
c) Insufficient memory

16. Which of the following has low power cosumption

a) EIL
c) Totempole Arrangement

17. Which of the following is the wrong statement

a) Cominational circuits has memory
b) Sequential circuits has memory
c) Sequential circuits is a function of time

Ans: (a)

18.Virtual address is

a) More than physical address
b) Lesstthan physical memory
c) Equal to physical memory
d) None

Ans : (a)

19. Which of the following reduces CPU burden

Ans : DMA

20. Malloc function allocates memory at

a) compilation time

Ans: d


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