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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews

Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.

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Home » Placement Papers » Perot Placement Papers »Perot Placement Paper 1




Selection Criteria:

At least 60% throughout in 10th, 12th and B.Tech with no BACK (Cleared or Pending).


Selection Procedure:

Written Test 1(Aptitude and Logical Programming)

Written Test 2(English)

Technical Interview

GM/HR Interview


WRITTEN TEST 1: Aptitude and Logical Programming


This test consists of 60 questions to be completed in 60 mins.There are 4 different sections of 1 marks,2 marks,3 marks and 5 marks questions. NO NEGATIVE MARKING.


Section 1(1 marks):

Very simple questions of SERIES COMPLETION from Quantitative Aptitude-R.S. Aggarwal Last Chapter.1 or 2 questions of Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression like finding the Nth term, sum of N terms(very easy).80% questions of series completion and that too very easy. One just need 2 have little practice of these questions. No need to do series completion consisting of alphabets or some other type as given in Verbal Reasoning-R S Aggarwal. Practice questions consisting of numbers only.


Section 2(2 marks):

All questions are of DATA SUFFICIENCY from VERBAL REASONING-R.S. AGGARWAL. Make sure u do all the solved examples at least once (and revise them if time permits). I guarantee u will not find even a single question out of those questions. When I came back home after giving the written test, I was able 2 find all the questions there itself. The questions are very easy but are very important. If u prepare this section well, u can score 100% marks in this section.


Section 3(3 marks):

Mixed questions of Time and Work, Time and Distance, Trains, Boats and Streams, Average, Percentage, Pipes and Cistern, Age from Quantitative Aptitude-R.S. Aggarwal. Again questions are not at all difficult but u need 2 have lots of practice so that u can solve them quickly. Time management is important in this section.


Section 4(5 marks):

This is the section which Non CS/IT students will find a bit difficult. It seems that this section consists of questions which only CS/IT students can solve but is not like that. Any student with a little bit of programming experience(any language) and good reasoning can solve them though the questions are not as easy as in the previous three sections. It mainly consists of two types of questions.

In first type, u will be given FLOWCHARTS and questions based on them. The flowchart mainly consists of CONDITIONAL boxes. Initially, u will be given initial values of variables like X=0, Y=0, Z=0 etc. Then certain conditions will be given in the flowchart according 2 which u will have 2 find the final value of these variables. One just need to follow the correct path in the flowchart according 2 the given conditions (Like if X>=Y then X=X+5 else Y=Y-5 and like that).Just be attentive in solving these questions and u will be able to solve them easily. There will be 3 to 5 questions of this type.

In second type, u will be given a PROGRAM MODULE and questions based on that. U will need to find the errors in the module, remove the errors, predict the output, detection and removal of unnecessary variables etc. Again, the questions are more logical than conceptual. The module will be written in simple English and no particular language will be followed. So Non CS/IT students should not feel that these questions are meant for CS/IT students only although I personally feel that CS/IT students will have an extra bit of edge in solving these questions.

However, anyone with good reasoning should be able to solve these questions. One of my friends from EC branch was able to solve 3 out 4 questions (he cleared the written).


There was one question of OCTAL to DECIMAL conversion but it was given in the last page. Many of friends wasted time in solving the programming question and were not even able to look this question. So u must turn to the last page to see if there is a question of this type. These are 5 marks for free.


Except for last section, I have been continuously saying that all questions were very easy.

So u expect a large no. of students clearing the written exam. This is the same we expected as everyone was confident that he/she will clear it. However, when the final list of students selected in written was announced, everyone from our TPO to students were shocked. Out of 250 eligible students, only 22 were able to clear the written. I was one of the luckiest.


THE REASON FOR THIS  IS THAT EACH SECTION HAS GOT ITS OWN CUT-OFF. There is 60% cut-off of each section. So don�t think that 5 marks questions carry maximum weightage so one should solve them first. Each and every question is equally important. One should have to be quick and accurate. Don�t waste time in solving questions. By the look of the question, u should be able to judge that whether u can solve it or not. If u pick a question, u should be able 2 solve it in maximum of 90 seconds (except section 4, u may require more time). After completing a section, one should make sure that he/she has solved at least 70-75% questions so that he/she can clear that section comfortably. This is the only thing u have to keep in mind.


This test consists of 25 questions to be completed in 20 mins. All of 1 marks each. NO negative marking.

A sentence is given and part of it is underlined. 5 options are given and one has to choose the most grammatically correct option which can replace the underlined part. All questions are of this type only. If one is confident in grammar, then there is no need to study for this section. For others, they can brush up there VERBS, PREPOSITIONS and ARTICLES. Don�t worry, questions are very easy. Just by looking the options, one would be able to guess the correct answer. Even 20 minutes will appear quite a long. I completed this section in 15 minutes only and was sleeping for the remaining time. One will be able to attempt all the questions.



If u are able to clear the written test, then your chances in getting into PEROT SYSTEMS have increased by 80%. Now its totally in the hands of GOD and your luck. Be prepared with your favorite  subjects. It is not necessary that one have to prepare 4-5 subjects and be perfect in all of them. As everyone is keep saying, what they look is how much confident and relaxed you are. If you are confident with your communication skills, then nobody can stop you. Don�t make them feel that u are tense. Keep smiling and always maintain eye contact. Believe me, it can do wonders. As far as my interview was concerned , this is a snapshot of it:


Enter the room with a healthy smile on your face and greet him/her confidently.


HR: So Ashish , how are u feeling?

Answer (with smile on my face): Sir, excited and a bit tense.


HR: OK Ashish, that�s a very natural human feeling. I am here to judge you on your strengths and not on your weaknesses. So just relax yourself and then we will start our conversation.


The HR was very cool. So half of my anxiety was gone there itself. After that it was just a child�s



HR: Favourite subjects?

A: DBMS, JAVA 2 and C.


HR: What do mean by normalization?

HR: Difference b/w 3NF and BCNF?

       Upto which normal form we Normalize in Industries and why?

       Difference b/w pre increment and post increment.

       What is recursion? Give an example. Write the program for it.


And many more simple questions like these.  

Within 15-20 minutes, you will be told whether you cleared the Technical Interview or not. Out of 22 students, 17 cleared it and were sent for the final round i.e. HR interview. Again, I cleared this round also.


Technical interview doesn�t mean that you will be asked technical questions only. They can ask anything from your projects, to your hobbies, to your background. As I told earlier, confidence is the thing they are looking for.        



At this stage ,your probability of being rejected becomes very unlikely. Again, they can ask anything from your strengths and weaknesses, to your hobbies, to your career objective, to your family background. They can also give puzzles to solve. It depends on your approach to tackle the problems. Many of you won�t face any problem in this round. Its more of a formality. However, they do reject few students in this round as I faced the bitter truth after a couple of hours.



At around 9:30 in the evening, they announced the result. Out of 17 students , 14 were able to make through PEROT SYSTEMS. I was pretty confident that I will be selected. But when my name was not called out, my dreams was shattered. I still cannot believe what went wrong.

It took quite a time to realize that I was not selected. But as it is said, GOD only help those who help themselves, a bigger news was waiting for me the very next day. I got selected in INFOSYS

Technologies the very next day.


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