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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.
Home » Placement Papers » Polaris Placement Papers »polaris Placement Paper 4

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Polaris Placement Paper


Question Paper Heading Here

section A  -35 questions (arthimatic) 
section B  - 7 questions(analytical) 
section C  -10 questions( VERBAL ANALAGIES).  

How to delete variables that are dynamically allocated?

  1.  If s=a/b +c/d +1/e.  and 0<a<b<c<d<e  to get the maximum value of s ,to which variable 1 is to  be added? 

  2.  which is the prime number? a. 119  b.115   c.127  d. none. ( ans for this question is :c)

  3.  If x is an odd integer, which of the following is even: ( answer for this question is 2(n+1).  )

  4.  There are 30 balls , out of which 60% are green balls and the rest are  blue balls. how many waysthat we can  pick the pair   of blue balls?
    a .21    b.2       c.12       . d none( answer for this  is : 2 --plzz check it)

  5. An officer is getting the salary of S rupees  for H days of work, he has taken x  days of medical leave , then what is his average salary  per day?

  6. How many 2 digit numbers , which is a square ,with last digit as 8?( answer for this is: 0)

  7. One tank will fill in 6 min ar the rate of 3cu ft /min , length of tank  is 4 ft and the width is 1/2 of  length, what is  the depth of the tank ?  (answer for this  is: 3 ft 7.5 inches)

  8. Find the next number in the series 3,4,6,9,13,?( ans: 18)

  9. which one is the least likely of the other? a. triangle b. sphere  c.pyramid d. circle. 

  10.  The straight distance between  A and C IS 60 miles,the straight distance between A and B is 50 miles. the straight distance between  B and C is  50 miles then what is the distance from B to the straight line of A  AND C? ( answer is: 40 miles)

    11.& 12.If A,B,C are having x,y,z marbles initially, A has given the same number  of marbles to both B & C ,as they have. next B has given the same number of marbles to both A and c  as much they already have, Similarly  C also given to A & B .  then 

  11. How many marbles that B has finally? ( ans:  2( 3y-x-z) ) 

  12.  if the total number of marbles are 72, then how many marbles A had initially? 
      a. 22   b. 20    c.36   d.39 ( ans for this is :39 , plzz check this) 

  13.  A is 8 km east of B
    B is 10 km north of C
    C s 13 km east of D
    E is 2 km north of D.                                                                               
    then what is the shortest distance beteen  A and E.
    ? a. 5km b. 6km  .c.13km  d.18km

  14. If the cost price of an item is x rupess,it was sold out  after the successive discounts of y% and z%. then  what is the selling price of the item?

  15. Cost price of an item is $50,the price has been increased to 108% ,and after some days it was sold  out with the  discount of 10%, then what is the sold price of the item?( ANS: $ 48.60 )

  16. How many 3 digit numbers are there in between 100 and 300 , having 1st and the last digit as 2.
    a.9    b.10     . c. 11     d. 12   ( answer for this is : 10)

  17. If a=26, b=25, c=23...............z=1.then what is the value of  z+y+x+...........+a=?
    a.351       b.531      c.335    d. 235 ( answer for this : 351)

  18.  Pipe A will fill the tank in 6hr and B in 4hr,if the pipes are opened alternatively, in which A is  opened first,then how many hours it will take to fill the tank?( answer is : 5hr.)

  19. A ,B, and C ,went to do mean in  a hotel, A has apid 50% more than the amount that B has paid. and c has paid  5/6 of that opf A has paid. also B has paid $2 more than  that os c has paid. then what is the total amount that all the three  paid for their meal? (  ans for this is: $ 30  

  20. Cost price of the item is $2500 ,in the year end it will be 4/5 ,after 3 yrs , what will be the cost?

         section -B
    This section
    contains analytical 2 questions-( there are 2 questons in 1st  ans 5 questions in 2nd) (this also i can't say exactly the quetions..) 

  21. There are 2 marriage groups red and brown, in which no induviduals from  the  same group can marry each other,if a guy marries a gal of any group the  guy 's group becomes that of the  gal.the children have the same group as  their  parents. diversed and widowed guys goto their own birth group. questions are:  

       A .for girl is in brown group then? 
    a. Grand father is in red group 
    b.  grand father is in brown group.
    c. grand mother is in brown group.
    d. grand father in both the groups.
        B. If girl is in red group then?  

  22. *( plzzz check any book whether these type of question that u will get)

                 A causes B or C but not both
    D occues only if B occurs
    G occurs if E or F or both occurs

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