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Home » Placement Papers » Ramco Placement Papers »Ramco Placement Paper 3

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RAMCO-Placement Paper-2004-Chennai


1) 10^2 is how many times ( 0.1)^4 Ans: 10^6

2) 5*6*8*12*35*36 what is the result? Ans: 3628800

3)X*Y is defined as X+Y/Y then (2*3)*4 ? Ans : 17/12

4)Direction sum Ans: towards west

5)A is 25 years greater than B. A is as much as 2 and B is less than 34.Then B's age is ? My Ans is : 31

6)For first 60 bags,each bag prices X rs.For additional bags with 60,each bag gets 5% discount .Then how much does 150 bags price? Ans: none of the above

7)Two discounts in series 20%,15%,then in single discount ? Ans :32%

8)Two nos are in ratio 5:6 .Their product is 3000.Which one is larger ? Ans :60

9)Total amount is 60.50. A is 5/3 of B, B is 1 1/2 of C.

From this,4 stmts followed and which one is true ?

Tips: A=30.25 =18.15 C=12.10 ( I've calculated ,not presented in Qsn paper,using this u can easily findout the answer)

10) 0.05 is greater than ? Ans: 0.01

11) 7/15,2/19,40/11 which ratio is larger ? Ans :Ist choice ( 7/15 )

12)I donno the qsn but I've marked as 87 :56

13)16 + 22 = ? Ans : 42

8 10

14) -10+0.5 which of the following integer is greater than the result? Ans : 9

Qsns following are related to comparison of two statements and u'll ve to mark

A if stmt ( I ) is > stmt ( II )

B if stmt ( II ) is > stmt ( I )

C Both r equal

D Cannot be determined

<!--[if !supportLists]-->15)In a map 1 inch represents 2.5 miles.
( I ) Distance b/w two cities is 50 inch
(II) 125 miles<!--[endif]-->

Ans : C (Both r equal)

16) ( I ) Exterior angle of hexagon
( II) Interior angle of pentagon

Ans: A ( i.e Exterior angle is greater ),

<!--[if !supportLists]-->17) ( I ) Distance b/w the points (0,0) to (5,5)
(II) Distance b/w the points (2,3) to (4,6)<!--[endif]-->

Ans : C (Both r equal)

18) ( I ) Area of the circle of radius 5 cm

<!--[if !supportLists]-->(II) Area of the rectangle of sides8cm,6cm<!--[endif]-->

Ans :A (i.e Area of circle > Area of Rectangle)

19) ( I ) No of even elements b/w 1 and 25

(II) No of odd elements b/w 1 nad 26

Ans: B

20)In comparison of stmts last stmt Ans is : C Both r equal)

For reading comprehension i.e Mumbai,Vishagapatinam oil refineries passage the answers I'vemarked is ( Note : Qsn no is same as presented in the original Ramco Qsn paper)










Total no of Qsns 60 Time : 60 mins

Here I've given Ans for 29 Qsns.

Remaining Qsns are easy except english.

Try to workout Rice,Wheat,Pulses,Other cereals Passage after finishing of No 31-60 Qsns in orginal Qsn paper.After that go for the first pasage i.e Borrower,Industries,

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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