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Home » Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Papers »Satyam Placement Paper 11

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Satyam Placement Paper 11


Sample Test Paper

  1. A plane travels 695km with wind and 498km aginst the wind in same time.The speed of wind is 21km/hr. Find the speed of plane?

  2. A person wheres clean shirt every day he picks up the shirts from londry on every monday how many shirt he needs to have?

  3. A,B,C are three plots. their ratio is 5:6:9. If diff between the areas of a and c is 270m. what is the area of plot B.( the numericals r not same, i do not remember)

  4. Two words are given HEAVEN nd another. Then the Third will be( a simple one)

  5. Some three long passages (Like in gre). Never try to attempt them. If u have time only then go for it.

  6. some numbers are given 3, 5,8,6,8,8,4,8,5 how many times the number 8 is repeated preceeding with even number and suceeding with an odd number.

  7. If circle=rectangle and rectangle=triangle and if triangle= circle then from the following numbers which is there in triangle and not in others
    1)6 2)16 3)4 4)8

  8. A problem on probability.

  9. A relation problem like if a is sister of b and b is sister of c and if a is sister of d and if d is parent of all of them. then what will not be true from the following(some options are given.)

  10. A simple problem like if one man can travel 45km in 1 hour then in 4 hours he can travel?

  11. A boy goes to school late by 10min, if his speed is 3km/hr. The next day he goes 15min early if he travels 5km/hr. Now how far is the school from his house.( the numericals r not same).

  12. again some kilometers to hours problem regarding to the train( do not remember exactly).

  13. find the next number in the series. 33,66,132,.........


  1. Should Filam actors enter poltics r not

  2. Remixing of old songs

  3. Rebirth

  4. Life after death

  5. R sprtiual leadrs r holy r not


  1. Tell me about yourself

  2. As u have written u were dynamic nd positive attitude person give me the instances of both of them.

  3. Tell me about satyam

  4. Why do u want to work

  5. What is CMM level 5

  6. He even asked me my intermediate principal's name

  7. And some personal questions which they usually ask for girls like in future if ur in-laws ask to quit the job what will u do?

  8. Then the tech person started asking questions. what is oops

  9. what is pointer

  10. call by value and call by reference

  11. encapsulation

  12. pointers in c++. He even asked me java but i said i do not java

  13. as u r from eee how will u contribute to software side?


New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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