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Home » Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Papers »Satyam Placement Paper-15 Nov 2003,Delhi

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Satyam Placement Paper-15 Nov 2003,Delhi


Sample Test Paper

SATYAM-Placement Paper-15-Nov-2003-Delhi


DATE OF TEST : 15 Nov 2003

PLACE OF TEST: Bharati Viya Peeth College of Engg(BVPCE), Delhi

MODE : Off-Campus

DURATION : 15 Questions (Aptitude Only), Time: 30 mins.
____________________________________________________________ _______________________

Test Details :

1000 appeared.
299 shortlisted for GD.
1 mark for every right, 1/4 negative marks for every
wrong answer.

Company: Satyam
15 Questions (Aptitude Only).
Time: 30 mins.

I am trying my best to give u complete questions (but all Qs are nt complete). The Questions are not in serial order. I m mailing these to u for u to get an idea of paper pattern.

1. A train has lenght of 108m, it is travelling at a speed of 50km/hr. a second train with length of 1121m, opposite direction to first train, passes the first train in 6 seconds. What is the speed of the second train?
options : a)40 b)55 c)65 d)non of these.
I chose d)

2. which no. comes next
7100, 13, 6, 4, 3, ...
Sorry, I do'nt remember the options.

3. Magzine a is kept on b, b is abov g,i is blow h etc... which was kept at the bottom?(easy)

4. there are two mugs, a 7ltr mug, a 3 ltr mug. what wud be the steps to fill 5ltr water in the 7 ltr jug??

a) fill the 3 ltr mug, pour its 3 ltrs water into
7ltr mug
b) fill the 3 ltr mug, pour its 3 ltrs water into 7ltr mug
c) fill 3 ltr mug and pour 1 ltrs water into the 7 ltr mug
d) empty the 7 ltr mug, pour the remaining 2 ltrs water in 3ltrs jug, into the 7 ltr jug.
e) fill the 3 ltr mug, pour its 3 ltrs water into 7ltr mug

options: a) abced b)acbde c)abcde d)acbed
Ans: abcde

5. I m chaising a thies. The theif has a head start of 10 miles over me.i have a speed 1 mile/hr greater than the theif. my dog has a speed of 10km/hr. My dog runs to and fro between me and the thief. How many miles does my dog run, before i catch the thief?
a)96 miles b)124 mile c) 140 miles d) 180miles
Ans: 96 miles(b'cos the dog can cover a maximum of 10km/hr * 10hr=100km by the time i catch the thief. ie., about 96 or 94 miles.
(options i have given for this Q are correct.)

6. George J Summers, " The Great book of puzzles and teasers" pg49, Question name : The Widow.

For those who donot have the book above: I m typing the Qestion below.

(the following Q is compelete and accurate.) Four women Anna, Beth, Cass, Dora and 3 men Earl, Fred, Gene playbridge, a card game for 4 players.

condition: a)
The men and women consist of 3 married couples. an a widow.

condition: b)
The members of each married couple are never partners in a bridge game.

condition: c)
No more than one married couple ever plays in the same bridge match.

condition: d)
One night they played four bridge games in which the partners were as follows:


Anna and Earl Vs Beth and Fred
Anna and Gene Vs Dora and Fred
Beth and Cass Vs Fred and Gene
Cass and Earl Vs Dora and Gene

who is the widow ? Ans: Cass is the widow.

7. George J Summers, " The Great book of puzzles and teasers" pg148, Question name : The Murderer in the Mansion.

(the following Q is compelete and accurate.)
The owner of the mansion has been murdered. The visitors to the mansion were Allen, Bixby, Crain.

condition: a)
The murderer was one of the three visitors, arrived at the mansion later than atleast one of the other two visitors.

condition: b)
A detective who was one of the three visitors arrived at the mansion earlier than atleast one of the other two visitors.

condition: c)
the detective arrived at the mansion at midnight.

condition: d)
nither Allen nr Bixby arrived at the mansion after midnight.

condition: e)
The earlier arriver of Bixby and Crane was not the detective.

condition: f)
The later arriver of Allen and Crain was not the murderer.

Who was the murderer.
Ans: Allen was the Detective and the Murderer (both).

8. A questiono of type
+ one
------ something i dnot rmembr.

9. (inaccurate Q) AT="xy" MAT="YSD" then vb="?" This type of question.

10. Find next word in the series: Redden:ample:somthing:something...

11. A Q on upstream Downstream.

12. A simple Q on a chess match.

13. A series of 3 figures, Question was to predict the next figure.



My advice to future test takers is that for clearing this Satyam test one should avoid making guesses, shud do all familiar and easy questions first. Avoid making any wild guesses, infact i (now) think that one should not guess at all when there is negative marking.

I feel extremely sad that i could not clear this test even after a lot of preperation (of Quant mainly thru R.S. Aggarwal, puzzles) and hard work. My fault lay in choosing the wrong questions, getting stuck for 7mins on first Question, Guessing(so called educated guesses) upto four answers I did 10 qs in all, 5 or 6 were surely right, rest i have no idea. But I will never give up. I will keep trying. . . Whoknows MAYBE one day i will get my first job in a decent software organisation.

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