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Home » Placement Papers » Satyam Placement Papers »Satyam Placement Paper 51

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Satyam Placement Paper 51


Sample Test Paper

SATYAM-Placement Paper

1) 1. value of N and! K is100

2.N is divided by K and the integer part of the quotient is stored in I.
3. N is divided by K and the reminder is stored in K
4. I is multiplied by itself to get the new value of I
5. if the value of I and J are equal then N is printed
6. add 1 to N
7. if the value of N exceeds 999 then stop.
8. go to step 2
The result of the above logic is
a) 124, 248, 369 ....b) 101 , 204, 309, .....c) 111, 222, 333, ...d)
none ans. (b)


1. Sony =0
2.jimmy =1
3.Add jimmy to sony to get new jimmy
4. add sony to jimmy to get new jimmy
. 5. if jimmy is equal to 34 then stop
6. go to step 3
What is the value of Sony when the logic terminates.
a) 15 b) 18 c) 21 d) none


get the cost of the iteam (C)
1.get the no of iteams (N)
2.multiply N by C to get total cost (TC)
3.if Tc is above 10000 then discount (d)= 5%4. if TC is less than 10000 but more then 5000 and C is above 85 then D=4.5 %
5. if Tc is less than 5000 and C>65 and N>50 then D=4%
What will be te discount if 40 iteams were purchased each costing Rs 58'
a)5% b) 4.5% c) 4% d)none


the average age of a class of 45 is 20 years. the age of the teacher is
30 years. the the average age of the 45 peaple together is
1.j=z * l /* here * means multiplication*/
2.m=j+ 30
3.z= 20
the above logic represents the solution of the given problem. the correct sequence is
a)5-3-1-4-2 b)5-3-1-2-4 c)5-3-2-1-4 d)none


2.add 1 to k to get the value of z
3.p= quotient of z divided by 10
and some statements are there...
8. Go to 2
the result of the above steps is
ans! ...(b)

6) A long flow chat

FN=10-----> k=10-----> divide FN by K and ......
..... the number of values that are printed are
a) 9 b) 19 c) 29 d)none
ans (a)


1. cost of iteam C= Rs 50
2. total cost TC= 0
3.number of iteams purchased =1
4.TC= TC+C
5.if the reminder of N divided by 5 is 0 then reduce Rs. 10 from C
6.increase the value of N by 1
using the above rule, how much money should one pay after buying 12 iteams
a)480 b) 510c)540 d) none
check the answer.

8)flow chat

every applicants takes 3 tests. the candidate is selected if he/she secures 80 % above in the aggregate and 75% and above atleast two testes. all tests are evaluated to 100 marks. C=0------> Get T1,T2,T3------> Is T1>74.........
............................... if a candidate scores 96, 78, 68 in the three testes going by the above
logic, his result will be
a! ns...(b) selected

9)flow chat

R=8 and J= 5 ---------> print R------L= R+j

the out put of the above logic is
ans .... (d) none

10)flow chat

N= 100 -------> D=INT(N/100) ------> K=reminder (N/100)
.............> print N if the no like 244, 514,136 etc are to printed from the above logic , the ? should be replaced with ... ans.d(check).....


1. let the value of FN be 1
2. let the value of A be 2
3.Let the new value of FN be FN multiplied by A and add 1 to it.
4.Write the value of FN
5.If the value written is more than 777 then stop
7.go to step 3
if the expected out put from the above logic is 3,10,41,206,1237,
the statement in the line 6 should be
(a)let the value of A be A multiplied by A (b) add A to A
(c)add 1 to A (d) ! none
ans.......(c) add 1 to a

**12)flow chat

N=2----> R= N+1, --------> print J----> N=N+1----.is N>9 ?
J=N x
R .

^ &n! bsp;
no |
the result of the above logic is
(a)6,8,14... (b)6,12,20,30 ...... (c)6,12,18,24...(d)none



the followig qualification are necessary for recruitment of a librarian . the candidate must
1. have master degree in library science with at least 55% mark.
2.have one year specialization in IT
3.have at least 10 yrs experience in university
In case the candidate
4.has 15 yrs experience in college ,the case may be reffered to vice chancellor
5.has obtained less than 55% marks but has 13 yrs expr.in university ,the case may be to resistrar
6.has PHD in library sc./documentation,the conditin 1 may be waived.

gopal brahma has been deputy librarian of SLC university since 1982 and has a master degree! in library sc.with 53 % . given the above rules and Gopal's information,Gopal should be
(a)selected (b) rejected (C) referred to V-C (d) none

***14).flow chart ans:a


5.print K-J
6.let J=K
7.if R.8 then stop
8.go to 3
the result of the above logic is
(a)4,9,16,25.... (b)4,6,8,10.... (c)4,4,4,4.... (d)none
ans (b)(check)

**16>flow chart is remainder of

N=66---->D=N/2--->N=D+1------> N/2=0 ------>stop
^ !
|no ! ;
|- ---------------|
after how much iteration will the above logic terminate
(a)8 (b)6 (c)7 (d) none ans.(d)


9.print T7
11.if T<8 then 2
which of the following value will not ptinted by above logic
(a)6789 (b)7890 (c)7900 (d) none
ans (b) 7890


ans:c is j>10 hint: k=3,j=2......

Q19) flowchart

Q20) flowchart

Q21) flowchart
ans:a)10 (confirm the question)


q23) ans:c)4-6-5-1-3-2


q25)a person distribute his pen among four friends in the ratio 1/3,1/4,1/5,1/6.....
ans:b(minimum he should have)


1.let the value of N be 10
2.divide N by 10 to give quotient (Q) remainder(R)
4.if diff=1 then 6
5.go to step 7
6.display the value of N
7.add 1 to N
8.if N <100 go to step 2

the above logic will produce
(a)11,12,13,,14..(b)12,23,34,.....(C)21,32,4,354......(d)non e



Q29)a man has Rs. 128 in currency of one rupee........

Q30)when A is devided by B,it is reqd tro round of the result to the nereast whole no,the logic is giv en below .give the correct sequence
1. divide A by B giving correct s! equence
2.substract INTERGER(A/B) from C and store theresult in D
3.if reminder (A/B) is 0 then stop
4.print INTERGER (A/B)
5.if D>.49,increase the value of INTRGER (A/B) by 1 (A)1,3,2,5,4(B)1,3,2,4,5(C)1,2,3,5,4(D) none ans:a(1,3,2,5,4)

Q31)A cistren is filled by 9 hours.......
ans:a)90 hours

Q32) ans:c(42)

Q33) flowchart


When madan said that he was burn on 31-9-83,everybody laughed.the logical sequence of steps involved in reduculing madan's statement r given below

1.if the day of birth is >Y(month of birth)then wrong
2.since 1983 is not a leap year february has 28 days
3. store 31,28,31,....31 in an array y(12)
4.month of birth is not less than 1 and not greater than 12, therefore
month of birth is valid

the right sequence of steps is


the logic to! convert a 3 digit number to a word is given, Ex 123 should be written as One Two Three

1. accept the number N
2. if N < 100 or N > 999 go to step 1
3. Split N into hundreds(H), Tens (T), & Units(U)
4. Store words zero,one,two,....... in array W(10)
5. print W(H),W(T),W(U)
6. Stop

The above logic is
a) incomplete b) complete c) complete but inefficient d)none
ans: b


given a number which is more than 99 but less than 1000, the logical sequence of steps to say how many hundreds, tens & units are in the given number is given below.identify the logical order.

1.get the number N
2.write quotient and the words 'tens'
3.write the remainder and the words "units'
4.write the quotient and the word "hundred"
5.divide the number N by 100 and get the quotiient and remainder
6.divide the remainder by 10 giving the quitient and remainder
(a) 1,5,6,2,3,4 (b)1,5,4,3,2,6 (c) 1,5,4,6! ,2,3(d) none


step 1.no of toffees in hand (TIH)=2
2.no of picks (NOP) = 1
3. Multiply TIH by 2
4. Add 1 to NOP
5. If NOP is less than 4 then step 3
6. Print TIH 7. Stop

The value of TIH at the end of execution of logic is
a) 16 b) 24 c)30 d)None
ans: a

Q38) flowchart
ans:b (1,2,4,8,16,32,32,16,8,4,2,1)

Q39) flowchart

Q40) ans:a)17

Q41) ans:b(6 days)

Q42) flowchart
ans:b(I=468 , II=468)


the logical sequence of steps to calculate the average of N nos is
given below
1.let the sum(S) of N nos be zero
2.get the value of N
3.let the value of A be N
4.add N to S
5.add 1 to A 6.if A is not = N then go to 4
7. compute average by dividingS by N

the abouve logic is
(a)correct(b)incorrect(c)inadequate data(d)none


indet! ify the correct logical order to write ur name in reverse order
1.count the no of alphabets in ur name(L)
2.if L=0 stop
3.rerduce the value of L by 1
4.write the lth character
5.transfer control to the step where the value of L is reduce

(a)1,4,3,5,2(B) 1,4,3,2,5 (c)1,3,4,2,5, (d) none


six girls A,B,C,D,E & F have 10 marbles each. a & B take 4 marbles each from D & E respectively. C gives 3 marbles to F who in turn gives 2 marbles to D & 4 marbles to E. E takes back the marbles she had given to B and gives them to C.

The equations r given below

1. A=A+4
2. B=B+4
3. D=D-4
4. E=E-4
5. F=F+3
6. F=F-2
7. F=F-4
8. C=C-3
9. D=D+2
10. E=E+4
11. B=B-4
1! 2. C=C+4

The above sequence of steps are
a)Complete b)Incomplete c)Incorrect d)none


Subtract 3 from the number X. Multiply the result by 3, Add 3 & then divide this result by 3. The final result is ans:a a) X-2 b)X+2 c)X+1 d) X


Given a sentence which has only lower case letters and which ends with a period (.), you r asked to count the number of vowels & consonants. The logical sequence of steps r given below. Arrange them in correct order.

1. If character = a,e,i,o or u increse VC by 1 else increase CC by 1.
2. Print VC,CC
3. Read a character
4. If character read is . then go to print VC,CC
5. Go to read a character 6. Stop
7. Initialise VC & CC to 0

ur logical sequence of steps r
a)7,3,4,1,5,2,6 b)7,4,3,1,2,5,6 c)7,3,4,! 5,1,2,6 d)none


1.number of units consumed(NUC) = Closing reading - Opening reading
2. if NUC is less than 100 units then 5
3. if NUC is less than 200 units then 6
4. if NUC is less than 300 units then 7
6.CHARGE = 100+(NUC-100)*2
7.CHARGE=300 +(NUC -200)*3
8. Print CHARGE

if the opening reading is 785 and the Closing reading is 865, CHARGE is
a)80 b)60 c)-60 d)None
ans: d

ans: c)3,7,1,2,5,6,4

ans:b(prints multiplication table from 1 to 10)

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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