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Home » Placement Papers » subex Placement Papers »Sonata Placement Paper 4

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Subex Placement Paper


Some Technical Questions

  1. void main()
       enum bool{true,false};

  2.  void main() 

  3. void main() 
        int (*func)(const *char)=strlen;                                                                               
        printf(�%d�, func(�Hello�); 

  4. void main() {
             char *s=�Hello World�;

  5. File fp,fs;
    putch(�B�,fs); What will happen?

  6. What is the equivalent of a[i] Ans: *(a+i)

  7. int (*func)(int,int) is a pointer to a function with 2 integers as parameters and  returning an integer value.

  8. int *(*func)(int *,int *) is a pointer to a function with 2 integer pointers as parameters and returning a pointer to 

    an integer Which of a and b is true?  
    Ans: Both are true.   

  9. switch(float value)  this is compiler error.

  10. int a[5]={1,2,3,4,5};
    int *p=a+1;
    int *q=a+5;                                                                                                         

    int dif=q-p; 
    value of dif is 4  ( q-p is evalueated as q-p/sizeof int)

  11. Switch(NULL) 
    ans: case 0: will be executed.  

  12. #define exp 5     
    ans: compilation error lvalue required 

  13.  strcat(str,str);  
    ans: compilation error

  14. Pointers can be subtracted from each other, can be added, constant cab be added or subtrated from pointer, but multipilcation with constant to pointer is not possible.  

  15. int(*ptr)[10]   pointer to array of 10 integers. 


New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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