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Home » Placement Papers » TCS Placement Papers » TCS PAPER ON 7th OCTOBER 2007

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 I am gayathri. i attended TCS off campus on oct 7th at vel tech college-Avadi. Let me tell some steps to follow to get into TCS
1.Prepare Aptitude papers of Previous Papers.
2.Study Thoroughly Barrons Model Test Paper 1-5.

I got new words in Synonyms & antonyms thats not from Previous papers. i studied Barrons high frequency word Lists And antonyms exercises given in that book. work critical Reasoning Exercises for more times.. this Will help u to finish the test in time... otherwise u will struggle to finish the test in time.

1. C : only basic questions were asked. pointers,malloa,calloc and their difference b/w new/delete.
2.C+&java: Virtual functions, and im asked to write a pgm based on it.
virtual destructor,Friend functions,Abtract class.
diff b/w Abstract class (cant create objects)& ordinary class(can create objects) check it!!!!.
diff b/w c++& java. interfaces.
is it inheritance useful or not? ans advantage:reusability disadv: ambiguity (multiple inheritance)
dif of Struct and Class?struct (default public) class (private)
why java is platform independent??(tel abt Jvm)
operator overloading.
reasoning ques during technical: hw many 0's frm 1 -1000., a signed integer which is greater whn added with 1000 than whn multiplied with 1000. 1000+x>1000*x ans 1.
important thing :: have a clear knowledge about ur projects.  i forgot some questions.

Then Hr round
why Tcs?/
abt bond??
hw much time  will  u take to learn a new technology??
strengths and weakness.. hw u overcome he weakness.
wht do u know about Tcs?
Be frank while answering here.

i think these informations are useful to the freshers......believe in hard work...have self confidence..

All the best to all..
bye Gayathri


New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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