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Home » Placement Papers » TCS Placement Papers » TCS PAPER ON 29 September 2007 AT MAIT,Rohini

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TCS PAPER ON 29 September 2007 AT MAIT,Rohini



Hiii Friends........First of all I would like to thanks all the guys & gals who had already sharing their experience & given a very good idea abt the test. I am now in TCS all due to their sharing & valuable stuff posted on FRESHERS WORLD. Really friends its the best site for preparing for any recruitment test. 

Now I come to the main point. The TCS Recruitment followed the following PHASES when I appeared:-
1. Written Test:
  a. Verbal.
  b. Aptitude.
  c. Critical Reasoning.
Friends this is the first phase of the recruitment. In this almost all old papers are sufficient to prepare for. Aptitude is not that much tough. For apti RS Agarwal is more then sufficient & please refer the old papers also. But verbal & CR is a little bit tough & most of the part comes from GRE Barron 12th Edition. In verbal, synonyms & antonyms come. It seems easy in first site but the words are too tough. In CR almost Questions come frm Barron's Test Series that are in the above said book.

2. Phychometry Test: 
Well friends when I appeared for TCS this phase was skipped. But as much I know abt TCS they ppl take it & mostly elimination is done in this phase. I have not much idea abt this phase.

3. Interview:
Friends if u are at this stage then congratulations I think u have done almost 70% to have entry in TCS. Friends in my interview there were 3 ppl. In that 2 were technical guys & 1 was a HR lady. All three were too cool.

They had asked the following questions:
1. Tell us about urself
2.. What is the meaning of "#include " in any c program?
3. What types of files are created in having any C program & wats the exact procedure?
4. What do you mean by Virtual Table, Virtual Function & Friend Function?
5. What do you mean by normalization?
6. They had given me a table & asked me that how many tables will be created after normalization?
7. Then I have told them that my favourite subject is ERP the have asked me what is ERP?
8. Is email system is also an ERP system, prove also?
9. On which serever Oracle Apps work, Apache or Tomcat?
10.To write the subjects in the last semester.
11. What do u mean by Virtual Reality?
12. What do u mean by Multimedia?
13. What is the difference between JPEG & GIF?
14. What is compression?
15. What is the internal functioning of ZIP?
16. What about relocation?
17. If offered at Afghanistan....?
18. What are your weakneses.....?
19. What are your strengths....?
20. Give examples to prove that you are determind......means strengths & weaknesses.....
21. Do you want to ask any questions....?
23. They have just given a statement just to check the presence of mind.......They have given a wrong statement...I think they want to see wheter I will correct it or not..." They said that u are learning ERP.... I said yes sir. Then after few min, they said that u are learning Oracle Databases.....Then I have make correct them that I am learning Oracle Applications 11i not Oracle Databases. They replied that these are the same...Then I again proved them that these two are much different...."
24. Are you agree with 2 years bond with TCS?
25. There is one more round after all this MEDICAL....are u ready for that....?
Friends I want to tell you one thing that if you are fresher & confident then you will be the part of TCS surely. They ppl check your presence of mind, smartness & your power of difficult situtation handelling. If you are giving the tech answers wrong you must be confident.( But not all questions frnds, for few quest only). They ignore 2-3 wrong answers but not more then that.......
4. HR:
Friends if u have cleared the tech round then u will be asked to go for HR. But sometimes they take HR & Tech both rounds in one interview. In my case my both rounds were in one interview(HR+TECH). I had impressed my interviewers with my tech & hr questions. I had given almost all tech answers right. I had cleared the HR queries very confidently.

5. Managerial Round:
Friends if you have cleared the tech round then you were asked to go for MR. But some times they dont take MR. It depends on the format of their selection. I was not asked to appear for the MR. If u cleared the above 4 rounds then you are 99% in TCS untill or unless You dont give any stupid answer or you loose ur confidence. Please have a look on TCS site atleast once b4 appearing in MR.
Friends in the end I would like to say that TCS is not impossible for freshers. Just plan well & do a smart work & surely you will be in TCS. It was my first call from any company & b4 it I had not appered for any test or not get even single call. But even though I cleared it......Believe in "ALMIGHTY".......He is gr8 & help you not to loose ur patience. Give your 100%. "DO THE BEST & LEAVE THE REST" & "PRAY WORKS, PRAY ONLY WORKS". So All The Best friends.....
Meet you in TCS....

Nikhil Jain


New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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