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Home » Placement Papers » TCS Placement Papers » TCS Placement Paper-12 July 2006

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TCS Placement Paper-12 July 2006


Tata Consultancy Services

TCS-Placement Paper-12 July 2006

TCS came to our campus, on 12th july. As usual in the aptitude test we had three sections:
1) Verbal-10 antonyms,10 synonyms,10 fill in the blanks and a big passage

2) Quant-very easy,almost the same questions,which appeared in previous

3) Reasoning-GRE barrons,12th edition,all the 5 model tests

After the aptitude we have---
1. Technical round
2. MR round
3. HR round

In the Tech round----
panel: wat is ur fav subject.
myself: analog communications
panel: wat r diff types of modn.
myself: AM and angle mod........
panel: wat is sampling theorm
myself: explained
panel: apart from analog communications, wat do u know?
myself: microprocessors,digital electronics.......
panel: explain the architecture of 8086
myself: done
panel: wat is DMA
myself: explained
panel: wat is PPI
myself: explained
panel: list some of the microprocessors, u know?
myself: 4004,8008,80x85,8086.........pentium4
panel: wat is a timer
myself: answered
wat is a multivibrator, and how many types
myself: 3 types-astable,monostable and bistable
panel:write a C program to find the no. of prime numbers between 1 to 100
myself: explained the logic


panel: tell me some thing which is not there in ur resume
myself: strengths and hobbies,bla bla bla.........
panel: why do u want to join TCS
myself: i told them wat ever i heard in the pre-placement talk, and they were impressed
panel: explain the miniprojects u have done
myself: explained them in detail and they said i sound very confident.


Then i was called for the HR round. In this round the panel consisted of a lady.
lady: how r u DEEPTHI?
myself: I am doing good mam,how r u?
lady: fine
lady: how was ur tech round?
myself: very well mam
lady: confident?
myself: a confident "yes".
lady: wat do u know abt TCS
myself: I told them everything that i know abt TCS (i read it from TCS site)
lady: why do u wanna join TCS
myself: employee friendly....
lady: any incident where u worked in a team?
myself: i have done mini projects and we all contributed equally in it
lady: if some member of the team is always arguing, wat would u do
myself: i would try to convince them
lady: wat r ur hobbies
myself: watching cricket....
lady: will u go to Ahmedabad, if u r posted there
myself: for me working in TCS itself is a great pleasure, so the place would not matter
. lady: wat is TCS into?
myself: into s/w
lady: name some of the clients of TCS
myself: done
lady: wat else do u do in free time
myself: I read news paper
lady: wat is the latest news
myself: serirs of bomb blasts in local trains of mumbai
lady: Wat do u feel abt all this Che tanaS
myself: India being a country of so many languages,religions,cultures...,such acts will not go to affect the unity and integrity of the country.


New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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