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Home » Placement Papers » TCS Placement Papers » TCS Placement Paper-28 May 2006,Narsapur

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TCS Placement Paper-28 May 2006,Narsapur


Tata Consultancy Services

TCS-Placement Paper-28 May 2006-Narsapur

I got placed in TCS thro' on-campus placements. Finished 3rd yr n got into 4th yr.
This placement I could divide into 3 parts.

Preparation, Online test, Interviews.
My preparation was completely from previous papers and to some part from R.S.Aggarwal.
But, R.S.Aggarwal dint serve me much as I found many of the aptitude questions or atleast the models found from previous papers.
I dint open GRE Barron's for verbal part but only learnt the verbal Q's from previous papers and went thro' some CAT materials. But, I would suggest you to read GRE Barron's as it helped many of my friends to get thro' this part.
My preparation was for about 5 days or even less than that and I was enjoying my preparation.
The Q's differed from one student to the other as far as I know.
The online test can be of 3 parts:
1. Verbal Ability
2. Aptitude (quantitative)
3. Critical Reasoning
NOTE: Psychometric test was not there for on-campus tests. That might be there for off-campus.
Verbal - This part disappointed me much as I prepared entirely from previous papers and to some extent the CAT materials as I said but, I managed through options for Synonyms and Antonyms picking out the odd one out. Time was sufficient but because its online test marking out the answer and coming back to the question already visited but unanswered created wastage of time as only one question is displayed on the screen at a time. As, no negative marking as far as I know, I suggest not to leave any question unattempted. Paragraph completion was a bit tough for all of them from our campus and consumed lot of time coz we have got to fill up the sentence in the blanks. But, don't worry you can get thro' easily. A total of 40 q's to be answered in 20 mins in these 3 areas -Synonyms, Antonyms & Fill in the blanks.
Aptitude - This part was quite easy and engineering students can easily solve many of them. Some Q's were on Pie & bar graphs which were bit tough. But others previous papers served a lot. Learn the answers for some Q's from previous papers even if you are not aware of how to solve them. But, model may be the same, data may change, so be careful.
I would have given those Pie n bar graphs as I dint find any of them in previous papers but I too don't remember as I dint solve it in the test. Go thro' some of them in GRE Barron's or any of CAT materials (more than enough). Rest of the Q's even if I write them here its waste as they are already entirely from previous papers of 2000- 2006 mostly.
Critical Reasoning -This part was very difficult for all of them from our campus.

But, pre-preparation for this area dint also serve. But, if you want to prepare you can from CAT materials (Logical Reasoning part).

3 Paragraphs were given and each consisted 4 q's (12 q's total) in 30 minutes.
Time was not at all sufficient. I would suggest you to thro' all the paragraphs and q's at once and decide the 2 paragraphs those are comparatively easy to be solved first and rest answer ticking the guessed option. I answered q's on one of the paragraphs totally correct and another 2 q's correctly and rest all I guessed the answers.
One paragraph was difficult to understand itself and I was unable to make out what the actual picture could be for a long time. Then, I went for the others leaving that completely with guessed answers.

For instance, names of about 15 members were given and their arrangement in a circular table was asked giving a set of conditions on it.
One more set of questions where Democrats, Conservatives and delegates under them & some conditions for the delegates to be a Democrat or others were given
One more, which was easy to answer all the questions from that paragraph.
But, anyhow you can easily get thro' if almost all the previous papers are solved.
Interview was very cool. Actually many of my friends had 2 interviews- Technical and HR. But, I had to go thro' another round called Managerial round as my B.Tech aggregate was 81% pretty high for CSE students. So, I was tested how I would react under stress but, you know stress was completely lacking in that round. :-D.
I would suggest you all to be confident with enough preciseness and let them understand that you will be a good part of the organization n work sincerely.
Be good in explaining your strengths by taking instances for instance, you can say you have been pursuing good scores and always been among top 3 rankers in the school / you are good as a team member or leader as you have participated in different competitions or sports as a team etc / good in giving seminars/ good in grasping skills and so on. Explore your self and try to let them know all good things about you by not disclosing your weak points.
Technical round was composed of many technical q's posed on me. There were 2 people very friendly to me & no need to get tensed.
I managed to say "I don't know" in different ways like "I don't remember", "I am not quite good in that area", "I have no idea" etc. frankly when I dint know the answer.
I was asked on different fields like Data Comm., Comp. Networks, C & DS, Java, UNIX, OS, DBMS and some others from my paper presentation "Voice Over internet Protocol". So, be prepared very well from your Paper Presentations or projects any as they are very much important. Some questions were on easy puzzles like how many squares and rectangles in a chess board and some 5 glasses placed in a line and first 3glasses filled with water, how to make alternative glasses filled? (by pouring water from 2nd glass to the 4th glass). There were even q's on Math like Euler's theorem, derivatives, integrals ad some from Management Science (MS) like HR functions, Personnel Manager functions, leadership qualities. So, technical interview is based on how you drag them to your strong areas by not letting them ask more on subjects you are weak at. Because, if they find a new word they are deviated to the subject related to the new word.
Techies on me were like-
--Diff b/w Compiler & Interpreter.
-- q's on Linked Lists in C, Binary Search program.
--Concepts of Compiling n running a program in Java & C. Bytes codes etc, JVM.
-- Diff b/w C & C++.
-- Concepts of Data Inheritance, Polymorphism, Data Abstraction, Encapsulation.
--Diff b/w UNIX & Linux.
--Communication concepts in UNIX (commands used for communication b/w users like mail, wall etc) & differences between them.
-- Layers in OSI model and their functionalities
--why is the network model divided into layers?
--Virtual Memory Concept, Message passing & synchronization.
--Integrity Constraints in DBMS, types of DBMS n uses.
-- What type of communication either Token Ring- Ethernets, Token Bus are used in (our) lab? I dint know this, accepted frankly & explained what are Token rings -Ethernets, token buses instead. Answered all others except message synchronization concept (properly).
-- Above said q's on Math, MS & on my paper presentation.
-- Some personal q's on hobbies, competitions & securing marks in between each techie to keep you cool.
The interview was for about 20-25 mins. I was interrupted when I completed just one point in each question.

My friends were asked some other questions like:
-- Write a program in C to get the o/p as

* *
* * *
* * * *
-- Searching & sorting Techniques.
-- Chess program (just explain the modules and techniques which are to be considered like MinMax algorithm etc).
-- Types of DDL n DML commands in DBMS.
--What is RDBMS?
--Applets and threads in Java.
-- Some personal q's on hobbies like singing, painting, reading books.
One more thing, give your hand for a shake when asked for (only) without making any delay. Because, I delayed in Stress round when asked for suddenly and I then managed to answer the reason behind my delay frankly.
HR round was superb cool. Asked me how I was feeling in the interview process and about my family, future goals, three things necessary for a success, about other things I wrote in my resume. Asked me whether any changes are suggested by me in the interview process. About my hometown, about the bond (agreement for 2yrs), then whether I have any q's for them and finally the HR said that it was nice talking to me, I said "Thank U, U too Sir" and left.

So, this is about my recruitment process. Don't worry, it is very easy to get thro' as imagine, one of my friends was asked to sing (her hobby) in technical round.
I am sorry if there are any mistakes either grammatically or conceptually in this post.
But, to my knowledge, they are correct.
Hope this would help you at least to some extent.
Good Luck & My Best Wishes to everyone.

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