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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.

Home » Placement Papers » TCS Placement Papers » TCS Placement Paper-27 Feb 2005,Kolkata

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TCS Placement Paper-27 Feb 2005,Kolkata


Tata Consultancy Services

TCS-Placement Paper-27 Feb 2005-Kolkata


First I had 2 fill up a blue form which was very important w.r.t upcoming tech & hr interviews. Then tech interview.one lady (LD) and one gentleman (GM) I only will provide u with the tech interview questions. My tech interview was 80% project based. Some of the single questions I remember are as follows

GM: any application softwares u know???
LD: diff btwn dbms & rdbms????? What r codd rules???
GM: how many types of relationship??? Eg. Of many-to-many relationship???
GM: relationship btwn a foreign and primary key??? Smart-key????
LD: eg of left-outer join??? Recursive join????
GM: one complex query involving join!!!
LD: why have u used access instead of oracle in yr project???
I: (remember don't mumble in the interview. If ur saying something 'false' show the confidence in u that yr answer is correct.) Our client told me so. (then smile to yrself!!!!!)
GM: types of dbms?? Give eg of each!!!!!!
LD: give an eg of a table which is in 3nf not in bcnf??? Eg of reverse????
GM: goal in 5 yrs??? Can u achieve that????
LD: what is software configuration management???? What is QA????
GM: what is CMM??? Why level 5??? Advantages of spiral model??????
******** 70% of the interviews are dbms related even if u haven't mentioned dbms as a favorite. Show confidence in all answers. Jus prepare yr basics in dbms, ds, os, software engg, oops, c, c++, corejava , sql server, networking (optional) and get yr ATTITUDE RIGHT********


Again there was on lady (YL) and one gentleman (YM) My hr interview was mixture of discussion, friendly chat, hr, management interview and technical.
YM: so u are from sphs??

YL: meaning of yr name?? What's special abt yr birthday??? Expand yr name to show yr personality???
YM: have u prepared for this interview??? Sources???
YM: what the common questions asked in hr interviews???
YL: one of us is from tech one from hr. guess who's from hr and who's from tech???
YL: are we Bengali or any other religion???
YM: tell us any website from where u can get all tcs previous questions???
YL: your sun-sign??? (mine is Aquarius) common characteristics of Aquarius???? Justify that u r an Aquarius???
YL: do u have a girlfriend???
I: yes. I don't differentiate btwn boyfrnd and girlfrnd . Thats why I have a lot of them!!
YL: will u marry ur galfrnd???
I: I am only 23. I want to give my spouse all comforts of life that's why I will marry after achieving all pleasures and comforts of life!!!!!!!!!!!!
YL: do u want yr spouse to be from IT industry or a non-it???
YL: do u want yr spouse to cook food 4 u or to b a careeristic???
I: I want her to b self-dependant to live her life of her own!!!!!!
YL: if she hags out with her boss?? Come late at night???
I: I have faith in her. As long there is love-bond btwn us there is no problem and she will not do anything to hurt my feelings. (She was impressed!!!!!!)
YL: if she works in an equally competitive environment in a company better than yrs??
I: (at this point I was frustrated. I want to stop the gal frnd episode) Carrer is my first gal friend. Others come after that.
YM: derive complexity for bubblesort
YM: whats the worst case complexity of qiucksort. Practically describe insertion sort.
YM: depth of a binary tree. Derive expression???? Height of binary tree??
YM: eg of recursive function??? Show by an eg.
YM: disadvantage of circular linked list??? Insert in a doubly linked list.
YM: hobbies??? in priority wise???
I: software collection, listening to English hard rock, reading autobiography
YL: whose autobiography???
I: business @ speed of thought by bill gates..
YL: what kind of books u read???? Fiction or non-fiction???
YM: what the latest version of windows???
I: windows Longhorn!!!!!!!!!!
YL: what type of hard-rock??? do ever people around u complain to loud noise??? Why u listen to hard-rock??? Name some famous rock stars.
YM: career plan?? How can u contribute to tcs???
YM: mention some point abt yrself not written in yr bio-data??? Beware if u say something common yr candidature will simply be cancelled?????
YM: ready to sign agreement bond now????
YL: what other companies u appeared for???? Why were u rejected ????
YM: do u have any question???
I: career path in tcs???? How can u become a project manager with tcs provided u perform well??? How tcs is going to be among global top 10 by 2010???? How was my performance??? How can I improve myself????
I believe that is the greatest tcs resource one can find in internet. So get benefited from it!!!!!! Just remember to get yr attitude right. Guys remember besides apti and interviews dress code, smartness, eye contact, positive attitude, friendliness, blue form, communication skill, extra curricular activity, general knowledge, presentation, iq, mental ability, decision taking ability are also tested during interviews. This is from a personal experience besides ask the interviewer as many questions as u can. Show the interviewer u r dying 2 get in his organisation.

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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