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Home » Placement Papers » TCS Placement Papers » TCS Placement Paper 32

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TCS Placement Paper 32


Tata Consultancy Services

tell me about ur project?
few questions on project
Is platform independence useful property in Java?
Explain portability?
What is a servlet?
servlets can be invoked from?
alternative feature for AWT in JAVA
additional features in JDK1.5.1 compared to JDK 1.4.1
(springs, framework.)
what is Java bean?

The interview started with the question
what r ur fav subjects? ans C,java,SQl
he started with sql
what is a view? diff b/w view and a table
what is denormalisation
what is the difference between array and vector?
what is data structure and what are its various forms?
what are the advantages of normalisation?
what is redundancy?
what are the difference between sequential and index file system?
a question on group-by clause?
what is a kernal?
what are the functons of kernal?
write a C program
if str1="anil samal"
if str2 is found in str1 then replace str2 with str3?
The HR interview is cool
They just asked as tell me abt urself?
tell me about ur family background
What u will be in next five years?
(I answered as consultant as it was one of the post described in ppt)
what do u know abt TCS?
Why TCS?
Can you do job anywhere in the world?
Do u sign the bond for 2 years?
ANy queries?

Selected for:TCS

What is semaphore?explain 3 operations on that?
What is the purpose of usi
ng semaphores ?
what are the consumer , producer functions ?
what is dead lock starvation ?
what are the conditions for dead lock ?
what are the differences between paging and segmentation? what are the advantages & disadvantages ?
what is tharshing?
with an example explain round robin scheduling alogrithm?
what is client or server computing ?
what is difference between DBMS&RDBMS?
What is a view?
What is normalisation?Explain the different NFs
What is difference b/n 3rd NF and BCNF?
How many types of relations exists b/n the tablesin DBMS?What are they?
What is SQL & PLSQL?explain the difference.
Write the algorithm for plaindrome
flow chart and Cprogram
What is stack ? Explain the operations using arrays.
what are the application of queues

Selected for:TCS

recursion example
realtime application of stacks
how to access file
what to do the end of the file
what is ur toughest c program
what are ur strengths
what are ur abilities over other candidates interviewing

Selected for:TCS

what is a pointer?
Define an array?
refer an array using a pointer
Whwn writing a program for which concept do u give preference?
what is UML?
who is an actor in UML?
different kinds of diagrams in UML?
Draw a use case diagram?
oops concerpts
which program are u prefer
what is ur Adv UNIX?
why only TCS?

is there overloading in c?
what is virtual functions?
what is polymorphism?
what is compile time polymorphism
what is run time polymorphism?
what is a pointer explain?
type of inheritances with example.how the constructer is executed in derived class?
what is data abstraction ,what is encapsulation
what is dynamic initialization?
what is the kernel?
what happen when you log on in unix system?
what are the different OS that you have known?
is dos system can be connected to network?
what happens if UPS is not there and system is abruptly shutdown?
what is the difference between windows and linux?
can you find where the file is stored by using its
Selected for:TCS

Give me a brief introduction abt ur self
explain me abt ur paper presentation?
cut a joke on ur topic of presentation
how do u justify ur self as a Cse student
What are ur fav subjects? Why data structures?
Applns of Queue ,stacks,linked list...so on?
Types of data structures
diff btn linear and non linear DS
applns of linked lists
did u ever practically write a programme using a DS? if so what is it
practically explain applns of DS in normal life
what r ur other fav subjects?
tell me diff of paging vs segmentation?
varoius scheduling algorithms?
wha r ur fav hobbies?
So u like being a boss?(As I have mentioned few things abt few great leaders in previous questions)
How do u find kakinada?

Selected for:TCS

question related to paper presentation in ur resume
what is ur fav subject? ans OS
what is the concept of semaphore?
what r monitor
what r the diff b/w them and which is more advantageous
what is paging and explain with te help of the diagram
what conditions affect the value in adder of paging
what is segmentation and explain the diff b/w paging and segmentation
what is the diff GROUP BY and HAVING clauses in SQL
query using group by and having clauses
what r the diff types o f joins and explain them
write an assembly lang program to add two numbers
write a flow chart with a condition for addition of 2 numbers

why do we prefer java to c++?
what is the difference bnetween final and finally?
what is an operating system?
what is a kernel?
what is aprocess and different states of aprocess?
explain kill command and in which OS environment it is used.
how many firms of normalization are there explain the forms?
write a query to select all the columns from atable.
questions on papers 1 presented
what is blue tooth technology?
what is cryptography?
which command is used in UNIX environment to know more information about other commands?

Selected for:TCS

tell me about ur self
favorite subject - java and c
diference between static in java and c?
what is UNIX programming called?
how can u combine two tables?
how many types of JOIN functions are there?
for what purpose OUTER JOIN is used?
write the JOIN function for combining two tables?
difference between outer and inner join?
tell some commands in UNIX?
how many types of shells are there ?what are they?
what are ur strengths and weaknesses?
asked about my name -meaning of it in detail.
family back ground.
what r ur hobbies?
why TCS?
where do want to see urself after 5 years.
if interview is being taking place at 6th floor you to come by steps how many steps did u take to come to the interview.
why did u like in TCS.
what will you do if you have come across some one who produced a fake certificate.
any queries about TCS?

what are ur favourate subjects
what is ur rating in C languagefrom 0-5 Not only C,SQL and OS
What are the topics in OS
How do u achieve concurrency b/n two process
What is the difference b/n semaphores and monitors?
What is the difference b/n paging and segmentation
What is the difference b/n MVT and MFT
main advantage of threads
Why threads are not used(disadvantage of threads)
some queries based on a)group by clause b)having clause
What is the diff between count and count(*)
They gave a table and asked a query to print "city name where more than five people are living"
Conditions that are to be applied when 'groupby clause' is used
What are subqueries with example &procedure to write a query with subqueries
program to add two numbers
gave two dates likes 24-7-1994 11-0601995
write a program to calculate number of days b/n the given dates

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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