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Home » Placement Papers » TCS Placement Papers » TCS Placement Papers 25 April 2007,Gujarat

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TCS Placement Papers 25 April 2007,Gujarat



hi all,
I am Sagar Shah from UVPCE,kherva,Gujarat.I am in 6th sem EC.I am sharing my experience with you and I hope this will help you to crack TCS .

(1) Aptitude test
just refer the TCS papers from this site and solve minimum 5 papers.mostly this question r repeated so it will be very helpful. time is less so be speedy.vocab is also repeated from this papers.for critical reasoning do barron's 12th edition.it is from this book only.Apptitude is quite easy if you have solved previous questions and if your giving GRE than even vocab will be easy for u.

It was taken at TCS office INFOCITY,Gandhinagar.Two guys were taking my PI.BE ready with some of the basic questions which they always ask:
(1)tell me abt urself
(2)what do u know abt TCS
(3)your hobbies
(4)why TCS?
I was flooded with management questions (bcoz i told abt my achievements in that field).The questions were like this:

(1)If ur project leader and in ur team if one person is very crucial for u,but for some reason he is depressed,how will u motivate him??
--->I answered the question and with every answer they will counter question u...answer logically,practically and with presence of mind.

(2)Your project leader(sound good!) and u have developed a software application,which works good,but one customer is not satisfied with ur product and start getting angry ,how will u handle him?

(3)You have 10 computers,u have develpoed a website which works on 9 computers but not in 1 .What can be the reason?
---->I tried 2 answer it ,but couldnt solved it perfectly so I had 2 say finally that sir I am from EC so I dont that have deep knowledge of this thing.
So he asked me tell me what u know....I said "c",processor,engineering graphics etc.
The he started asking question from C..I answered all them except 1-2 .The questions were easy like
(1)wats pointer,
(2)diff betwn pointer and array
(3)wats linked list..advantages,application..diff bet array and linked list
(4)write a program 2 swap 2 variables
(5)y we write void b4 main function??can we write int..if yes what change we have 2 do?
(6)wats malloc(),calloc()
(7)y we use function?
(6)y we use pointer     etc.

again the question..tell me abt urself..he wil ask ur family background..ur hobbies and asked me where do  u see urself after 3 years..it was over in 5 mins.

The result came 3 days later and I was selected!!

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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