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Home » Placement Papers » TCS Placement Papers » TCS PAPER ON 4th JUNE 2007 AT (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham)

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TCS PAPER ON 4th JUNE 2007 AT (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham)



Heloo friends!

I had day1 company as TCS on june 4 th & 5 th ,2007 in our college. Nearly 1300 students attended for online test, out of which 743 were short listed for interview. Online test consisted of 3 sections verbal, quantitative and critical reasoning. Total time duration was 90 minutes.

Verbal – 32 questions 30 minutes.

Quantitative – 28 questions 40 minutes

Critical reasoning – 3 puzzles with 5 questions each for 30 minutes.


Verbal consisted of 10 synonyms, 10 antonyms,  5 sentence completion, and a reading comprehension with 5 questions. Synonyms and antonyms were quite difficult, but sentence completion and reading comprehension was easy to get through if u carefully analyze and answer. It is good to be thorough with 400 high frequency words.


Quants section was simple enough. All the previous year questions are repeated. The following questions are some sample questions that I solved in the test.
1)      Complete the series 7, 9 , 13 , __ , 27, 37       Ans : 19
2)      What is the largest prime number that can be stored in an 8-bit memory? ANS:127
3)      Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube      ANS:6,8,12
4)      In a triangle which one is not possible. Sides are (5 ,5 ,5.), (5 ,4 ,5 ), (4 ,4, 9 ), (3,4 ,5,)
ANS: (4,4,9) (HINT : for a triangle sum of smaller 2 sides should be  greater than the other one which is larger)
5)       Match the following:

1. Male - Boy                                                    a. A type of
2. Square - Polygon                                           b. A part of
3. Roof - Building                                               c. Not a type of
4. Mushroom – Vegetables                                d. A superset of           Ans: 1- d, 2- a, 3- b, 4- c


6) Given $ means Tripling and % means change of sign then find the value of $%$6-%$%6  ANS : -72
7) My flight takes of at 2am from a place at 18N 10E and landed 10 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N 70W. What is the local time when my plane landed.
a) 6:00 am b) 6:40am c) 7:40 d) 7:00 e) 8:00 (Hint : Every 1 deg longitude is equal to 4 minutes . If west to east add time else subtract time) 
ANS: (E) 8:00  


8) In a two-dimensional array, X (9, 7), with each element occupying 4 bytes of memory, with the address of the first element X (1, 1) is 3000, find the address of  X (8, 5).  ANS: 3212

9) Select the odd one out. a. Java b. Lisp c. Smalltalk d.Eiffel. ANS: LISP

10) In which of the system, decimal number 194 is equal to 1234?  ANS:5


11) A power unit is there by the bank of the river of 750 meters width. A cable is made from power unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river and 1500mts away from the power unit. The cost of the cable below water is Rs. 15/- per meter and cost of cable on the bank is Rs.12/- per meter. Find the total of laying the cable. ANS:20250

12) Which of the following are orthogonal pairs? a. 3i+2j b. i+j   c. 2i-3j d. -7i+j  ANS: (A)& (C).

13)If VXUPLVH is written as SURMISE, what is SHDVD?  ANS: PEASA

14) If A, B and C are the mechanisms used separately to reduce the wastage of fuel by 30%, 20% and 10%. What will be the fuel economy if they were used combined. ANS: 20%


15) A can copy 50 papers in 10 hours while both A & B can copy 70 papers in 10 hours. Then for how many hours required for B to copy 26 papers? ANS: 13

16)Find the singularity matrix from a given set of matrices? (Hint determinant(A)=0)

17) units of basic quantities :
1. (energy * time * time )/(mass * dist) = distance
2. (momentum * velocity)/(force * time) = velocity
18)   For a round trip, a car used 4 1/2 gallons of gasoline.  If it used 1/4 more gasoline going than coming back, how much gasoline was used coming back? ans:  2 gallons

19)  A shopkeeper bought a watch for Rs.400 and sold it for Rs.500.What is his profit percentage? Ans. 25%
20). g[0]=1,g[1]=-1,g[n]=2*g[n-1]-3*g[n-2] then calculate g[4]=
21) .The ratio of boys to girls is 6:4.60% of the boys and 40% of girls take lunch in the canteen.What % of class takes lunch?        Ans) 52%
22) Which of the following set of numbers has the highest Standard deviation? 
            a)1,0,1,0,1,0        b) -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1 
            c)1,1,1,1,1,1          d) -1,1,-1, 1,-1, 1

Finally there were 3 questions on venn diagrams (like 20 spek eng,30 speak hindi 3 speak both and so on….) 3 questions based on 1 barchart (data interpretation).

CRITICAL REASONING: ( 3 puzzles with 5 questions each

1) Some seating arrangement problem like there were 6 people A, B, C, D, E, F sitting in a table  they all are agricultural minister, health minister, education minister and so on. The hints proceed like this. 1) A sits 2 seats away from D. 2) agricultural minister cannot sit near health minister. And some 3 more hints (I don’t remember) using the hints given in the question U have to trace out their seating position in a round table and have to answer 5 questions based on it.

2) all P’s are Q’s,  some R’s are Q’s ,  all P’s are E’s…..so on.  With these hints u  can draw a venn digram and answer the following 5 questions. Most of the questions are from GRE Barron exercise problems and its model papers (12 th , 13 th edition)  so just solve all those. Don’t mug up the answers.

We had technical and HR interview combined due to shortage of time:
My panel had a middle aged sir and a mam. Sir was asking all questions and the mam was just observing me and was evaluating me. My interview lasted for 25 minutes.
Sir: Gud evening.
Me: gud evening sir, gud evening mam.
SIR: Take a couple of minutes and tell me about yourself.
Me: I said my name, my college name, my degree, about my family and my hobbies and some of my positive qualities.
Sir: What are ur core subjects that u have learnt so far?
Me: as Iam an IT student I said all my core subjects. (I avoided telling CSA and compilers coz I was not thorough in those subjects).
Sir: What are the different types of Topologies?
Me: Mesh topology, star topology, Tree topology, Bus topology, partial mesh    topology.
Sir: what is the Topology used in ur college?
Me: I said  I don’t know but after the interview I remembered it is star topology.
Sir: What are the OMD techniques?
Me: I gave the definition of it .
Sir: what is 3 rd Normalisation (DBMS).
Me: I explained with an example.

Then he gave me a aptitude question on work men time. 6 men dig 6 cubic units of mud in 12 hrs then how many hrs is needed for 3 men to dig 3 cubic units of mud.(directly I saw the qn and said 6 hours as answer).

Then he formed 3 employee tables and gave me SQL queries to solve.
1)  To print the name of the employee who gets maximum salary. (I used sub query and solved).
2)  To print the total number of employees in each department (I used group by function and wrote the query.)
3) To print the managers details ( equi join to be used).

Then he asked some C programming qns and I was asked to write a program to check whether a given number is prime number or not.
HR qns:
Sir:  Why TCS?
Me: TCS gives Experience certainty, and from my seniors I came to know that it has a good work environment and the employees get a good respect. It has various initial and continuous learning programs which will help me a lot in learning new skills and updating myself with latest technologies hence I prefer TCS.
Sir: We would like to start R&D centre in assam will u like to join there?
Me:  I love traveling and I strongly believe that traveling gives a good learning experience so I am ready to work anywhere and I don’t mind working in Assam .
Sir: If u are given a project and u complete it in 3 hrs but ur colleague can complete it in 1 hr what do u have to say about this?
Me: I will first check with the quality of my product suppose if it is better that him I won’t mind but if the quality is low or equally good then I will definitely analyze my mistakes and if needed I will ask his help to improvise myself.
Sir: Do u have anything to ask us?
Me: I have 1 more year to complete my course what do expect me to do in this 1 year to fit in to ur organization?
Sir: bla bla ( coz it was the last qn I did not listen what he said)
That’s it with the intrerview

I was almost sure that I will get placed and as expected I got selected. Out of 727 who attended the interview 427  got placed. Speak very polite and be confident in the interview. Don’t try answering the question that u really don’t know. Be very careful with the resumes keep it as simple as u can …be thorough with the skills u mention there. Some of my friends had stress interview those who remained very cool got selected irrespective of how they answered. But people who got tensed were rejected.            

My panel saw only the HR form which they gave after online test he never saw my resume and so he did not know which my area of interest is. So qns came from all the subjects. Be thorough with ur project. 



New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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