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The test was for 1 hour containing 100 questions. 50 and above was the cut off for selection. Negative marking was there. Easy questions will be at the end. So don�t waste time answering difficult questions. Quants was dead easy.(no preparations are required).
Concentrate on technical topics.

1. Thyristor is a �����device ans: pnpn
2. LVDT works on the principle of�����
3. A diameter of the wheel is 20 cm if it revolved around 60 revolutions then how many revolutions will be made by a wheel of 50 cm diameter.
4. Whether compressor or the turbine should be started first in the case of a gas turbine
5. Discharge Vs time graph is called as������.
6. x/y=2; x=4 then (x-y)/y=?
7. p/q=2;what is the value of 2p/q+q ans : can�t be determined
8. What is the cutin voltage of germanium and silicon diodes??

Theory questions from the following areas were asked.

9. Torque Vs speed characteristics of shunt motor
10. Dynamic breaking
11. Basics in Electron devices and Induction and Synchronous Machines

Problems on

12. Maximum Power Transfer theorem
13. Star to Delta Conversion.
14. Network Theory

New Click here to Download 2024 Latest placement papers of this company New



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