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Home » Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Paper-2004

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Wipro Placement Paper-2004




Wipro 2004 

Wipro interview.

45min tech & 30 min HR

1.Explain ur project.

2what is a pointer

3pass the address of a variable to a pointer

4.write pgm for pass by value and reference

5.what is recursion.write a pgm.

6.what is macro

7.difference between macro and standard lib functions

8.define inheritance &polymorphism

9what is multithreading

10.is it necessary for a function to return a value

11what is swapping in os

12list the swapping alg.

13what is page fault.explain a PF alg

14what is a tree

15.what is a graph.,disjoint graph

16.sort nos using quict sort

17types of sorting

18types of software model

19 what is query

20.typer of sql,ddl,dml

21.creata a table,view

22what is a shell and kernal.


1.introduce urself
2.explain ur project
3.any problem u faced in life.explain it in detail.
I want to tell a small point here.

some are...

I) 1.how to find the jth node from last node in a single linked list in one search,the condition is i have not given the length of the linked list?

2.differentiate the call by value and call by reference?

3.defferentiate the static and volatile variables? 4.define macro?

5.write the gcd programm?

6.i was given a program to find the output? i=printf("hellow"); printf("%d",i);

7.define register variable? advantage?

8.#define a(a,b) a*b; printf("%d",a(2+3,2+3));

9.define avl tree,2-3 tree,btree,bst?what are balanced tree?

10.diffrence between tree to bt?

II) 1.abot urself.

2.tell me abt ur final sem project.

3.ur interesting subjedct(i told electronics related topics)

4.why u wnt to join wipro

5.if u got any offer for higher studies do u stick wt wipro... some ......(these are some asked to me in the interview)

dont panic its very easy dont get tense they are friendly enough to answer the questions

In the interview they will test ur basics, abt ur final yr project, and basics of c. and whatever u wrote in ur resume.

III) They ask you questions regrading 1) final year project(this is very imp. section..explain your project as nicely as possible)

2) why u chose that project?

3) C/C++ skills(this may include framing a program of their wish or if you are luckythen simple questions based on the programming language)

4) your favourite subject(Be carefull and prepare that subject throughly)

In tech interview they asked me about

1) data structures:
sorts(their complexities)
linked list,
uses of trees
about malloc
quick sort's logic

2) in C
simple program outputs.

3)in n/ws
About protocols and to which layer they belong
about internet addresses(class A,B and so on).

4) About my project

5)in OS
Virtual memory,Paging ,Segmentation etc.

My experience::

1)i was asked to explain about my project.
2)then he asked me write a query in oracle --> select the duplicate names in a table(ename,empid)
3)abt SQL,
4)stmts in oracle(DDL,DML,DCL,TCL) and explain,
5)some in c++, some in C,
6)diff. between c and C++,
7)what is OOP, features of OOps,
8)what is a structure,
9)can 2 diff, machines in 2 diff. companies(eg. WIPRO and TCS) have same IP address (Ans: yes,if they have a subnet mask).
10)what a grid in VB how does it differ from other tools?
11)what is a t-list in VB(i didn't know)
12)what is ODBC,ADO,DAO.
13)examples of RDBMS
14)what are diff kinds of DBMS?
15)what is LAN,WAN?
16)what does W in WLAN stand for?
17)What is Linux,Unix.
18)In what way does unix differ from Windows
19)where do we use Unix.

HR was as usual...formal HR Qs.

My friend was asked Qs in Java and C++. thats it....

i think have done my work, now its up to u to prepare well and get thro'. One thing i found was they are also checking ur confidence level.. they want people with confidence...not alone the stuff...


Explain the concept of semaphore?
what is memeory management?
what is virtual memory/
what is paging, segmentation?
Internal and external fragmentation?
what is O.S?
functions of O.S?
what is TLB or TLAB?
process, thread?
disadvantages of using semaphores?
what is dead lock?
conditions for occuring of deadkock?

why c?
structure,union?what is the differnece?
arrray,structure-- difference
array, linked list--differnece
concepts of searching and sorting techniques
program of fibonacci

CN connection oriented, connection less

what is database?
what is the function of JOIN?

questions on personal details and fav subjects
DS: Explanation abt quick sort and insertion sort with algorithms
OS: What are the two modes of OS and why?
what are diff threads in OS and their differences
Explain semaphores with help of an example?

DBMS what is DBMS and what are thos application programs?
Diff between DBMS and RDBMS.
What is normalisation and explain II normal form
Differences b/w 3Nf and BCNF

what is DNS?
questions about IP address

what is the diff b/w structures and unions
how we can allocate memory dynamically and diff between calloc and malloc?

what are virtual base classes
how we can allocate memory dynamically in java

what is pointer?
what is structure?
what is call by reference,call by value programs diffference?

encapulation,method over riding and over loading.
features of java how it differ from C?
platform independence justify?

cursor, view (types),triggers,constraints,
database,relation database difference
procedures ,functions

OS semaphore,dead lock conditions
XP NT difference
98 NT difference
any program
unified modelling language
data structure, linked list ,stacks , queues.

what is a pointer?
what is a data structure,compiler,interpreter ,command interpreter?examples of cmd interpreter?
give the h/w design of unix OS
write a prog for einstein formula?
write a prog for
there is a door.it has sensor for opening . if a person comes in opposite direction the door has to open :if 2 persons came at same time it has to alarm and then open the door?
what is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS?
what is the program written in UNIX called ?(not pertaining to any language)

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