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Home » Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Paper-29 july 2006

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Wipro Placement Paper-29 july 2006




WIPRO - Placement Paper- 29 july 2006 

This is Uma studying 4th b.tech in lbrce. I am happy to say that I got selected in my first hr. because I have attended infy and ibm before it. I havent faced hr in them.

pattern-- u know as usual... 1. Engliah 2. Apti 3. Technical.

Coming to Technical, they have concentrated mostly on c, c++ and two qs from unix and os. this u can do well. prepare with test u r c skills.

my Technical Interview

ti:tell me about u rself which not there in ur resume me:i am uma from lbrce i started.

ti: these r in ur resume. me: i am hardworking person etc.

ti:choose one of u r interesting subject. me: microprocessors.

ti: which one u studied. me: 8086

ti: how many pins r there. 40 pin dip package.

ti: what what.. me: 40 pin package.

ti: u told something dip what is it. me: dual inline package.

ti: different types of packages. me: said one or two and i cant recollect them sir.

ti: ok leave them, u know anything programs in assembly level lang. me: yes sir.

ti:write program for counting nuumbers which r less than AB(hexa) if i entered five numbers. and i am giving inputs to al and my answer must be stored in AH. me: wrote immediately.

ti: given a truth table and asked for combinational ckt. m e: simply solved.

ti: u know about for loops. me: ye sir.

ti: write a program for diplaying odd numbers from 1 to 10. me: wrote easily

ti: modify it for even. me: simple

ti: print alternatively odd and even. me: simpl;y wrote for(i=0;i<10;i) pf("%d",i);

ti: implementation of stack using linked list. me: ........

ti: applications of double linked list. me : Queue.

ti : ok . take this(hr form) and fill it. me : felt happy...

HR Interview: it is only two minutes. me: good afternoon sir.

hr: good afternoon, take u r seat. me:thank u sir

hr: u looking nice with white shirt and neatly dressed. me: just a smile.

hr: i think it is not a pure white me: yes sir

hr: then what it is it. me: grayish white.

hr: which colour u like most. me: green

hr: why me: it is good for health

hr: asked some qs on my interests me:told easily

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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