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Interview Success Kit - Get Success in Job Interviews Interview Success Kit - 30,000 Interview Que. & Ans.

Home » Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Paper- 01 Jul 2006,Gudlavalleru

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Wipro Placement Paper- 01 Jul 2006,Gudlavalleru




WIPRO-Placement Paper- 01 Jul 2006 - Gudlavalleru 

Wipro pattern & Interview

It consists of 3 rounds.
1. written test
2. Technical interview
3. HR interview.

Written test: It consists of 50Q and the duration is 1 hr. 15Q from verbal (topics: active voice & passive voice, reported speech, phrases, one word substitute, synonym, jumbled word, Reading Comprehension) 15Q from aptitude (topics: Blood relations, number series, conclusion from the paragraph, time& work, time distance, theme of the paragraph, boats & streams, avg, clocks, directions) 20Q from technical (topics: C (3), DS(3), general(2), DBMS, OS,unix , networks)

Verbal section: 1. convert the following sentence into indirect speech
She said, "I lived here for many years".
Ans: She said that she had been living there for many years.
2. convert the following sentence into passive voice
Will the postman post the letters?
Ans: Will the letters be posted by the postman.
3. what is the meaning of the phrase " Stuck between the two guns"
Ans: firm with the attitude and don't bent your attitude.
4. In the following options what is the best phrase which replaces the underlind phrase in the given sentence. Children must have to be take care while crossing the roads A) should have to be B) must be C) have to be D)should be
5. What we call the person who " chatter continuously and unintelligently"
(Ans: Jabber) 6. In a sentence the word known as stumbling is underlined and asked what is similar word (lurching)
7. A jumbled word known as L O R F S H U I If the word is arranged in correct
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
order then what will be the order of number ( Flourish - 4 1 2 7 3 8 5 6) 8. Question about Punctuation mark. One RC was given on the topic of extra terrestrial life ( 5Q). (It will become easy if u go through the ques)

Aptitude Section:
1. The sharp decline in the mortality since 1941 shows that who argue that the introduction of new chemicals has caused serve health problems are mistaken from 1940-1979, the average life expectancy for the entire United States population increased from 63.6 to 73.6 years, and the total age adjusted death rate declined by forty five percent, including decline in every age, sex and racial group. There were also the years in which there was a dramatic increase in the use of new chemicals in this country. Clearly, then those modern aids to industry have no adverse effects on the general health of society. Which of the following is an assumption underlying the conclusion of the passage above?
A) The increase in life expectancy in the United States was paralleled by corresponding increases in other countries.
B) The growth in the average life expectancy in the United States cannot be attributed to any single factor, but is a general phenomenon.
C) The increase in life expectancy would not have been greater if there had not been an increase in the use of chemicals. Che tanaS
D) Growth in the use of chemicals was a crucial factor in the development of industry from 1940-1979.

2. There is a family of six persons P,Q,R,S,T and U.They are Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, Salesman,Engineer and Accountant. There are two married couples in the family. S, the salesman is married to the Lady Teacher. The Doctor is married to the Lawyer U, The Accountant is the son of Q and brother of T. R, the Lawyer is the daughter-in-law of P. T is the unmarried Engineer. P is the Grandmother of U. Which is the profession of P? a)Lawyer

3. There are 6 volumes of books on a rack kept in order(i.e vol.1, vol.2 and so on). Give the position after the following changes were noticed. All books have been changed.
vol.5 was directly to the right of vol.2.
vol.4 has vol.6 to its left and both weren't at vol.3's place.
vol.1 has vol.3 on right and vol.5 on left.
An even numbered volume is at vol.5's place.
Find the order in which the books are kept now.

4.Examine carefully the following sequence of numbers:
hint: ( in first row one 1, in 2nd row two 1s, in 3rd row one 1,........ Although the sequence appear to behave totally at random, In fact , after the first sequence, each sequence is constructed in a precise and methodical way based on the previous one. What is the next sequence? a)11322212311233113232211211

5. I) C is father of N but N is not son of C. II) M is daughter of B and sister of P. III) P is brother of N. Which of the following is can not be inferred from the information given? a) N is brother of P b) B has three children c) N is younger to P d)B has

6. Divide 30 by half and add 10. what is the new number A) 20 B)25 C) 70 D) 80

7. theme detection of a paragraph.( sorry I didn't the remember the paragraph)

8. one problem on volumes

9. A wire of length 42c.m. is made into the form a rectangle such that the width is double the length. Then what are the values of length and width respectively ( 7,14).

10. two trains are traveling from point A to point B such that the speed of first train is 65kmph and the speed of 2nd train is 29kmph. What is the distance b/w A&B such that the slower train reached 5hrs late compared to the faster train.

11. A motorboat whose speed is 15kmph in still water goes 30kmph downstream and comes back in a total of 4hrs 30min. the speed of the stream in kmph is (5kmph).

12. one problem on fig like group of rectangles and asked find the no of rectangles in that fig. sorry I didn't remember the remaining Q.

Technical Section: 1. what is the most commonly used display device in monitors. (CRT).

2. main()
int i=6720,j=4;
while(i%j= =0)
What is the value of j at the end of the loop. (9);

3. What is the output of the program

4. # define Max( if (x main()
int x,y;
if (x Max(x,y);
printf( "x is not greater than y");
} ( Iam not sure about the Q, but the ans is compile time error);

5. 1Q on pointers like a[2][2] then how can u represent the valu of a[2][1] by using pointers. ( *((a+2)+1) . Iam not sure about the ans).

6. what is wrong about stacks ( Ans is " Stack is referred to as fifo");

7. In worst case Quick sort becomes which sort (Bouble sort)

8. one Q on the conversion of infix to prefix expression like ((A-B)*(C+D))/(F-G)

Sorry friends I remember this many Q only because I belongs to ECE branch. But some Q on unix commands(3), DBMS(2), Memory mgt(2), CPP(1), Java(1), harddisk(1); That's it friends. There is cutoff for each section. Verbal(7 to 9), Aptitude( 8), technical(9); Total no of students attended for the interview were 305 and the no of students cleared the written are 145;

Technical Interview:
I got call from the interviewer at 8 P.M.. The technical interview was very cool and friendly and he made me to feel free. But you must express your views confidently. He never expect any technical skill from u. He just see your communication skills and your confidence. And at the same time you must perfect with ur resume. He definitely ask Q about ur resume only. You must perfect in one of ur favorite sub and C. The Q I faced are as follows. What is the purpose of C
What is pointer
What is the difference b/w structure and union
About my mini project and about my paper presentation
What is DSP( my core subj) applications of DSP
What are ASICs, EX of ASIC.
Draw a flowchat of activities about what had you done from the morning of that day.

After completion of TI he will give u application form and told u to go to the HR.

HR Interview:
It was very easy and cool. Don't feel tens and nervous before HR. He just see ur confidence level.
1. Can you explain about ur name. I talked 2min about my name 2. about my hobbies
3. Why should we hire u.

That's it friends. Try to ask any Q to HR that shows ur interest towards the job.

New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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