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Home » Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Paper-26 Feb 2005,Hyderabad

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Wipro Placement Paper-26 Feb 2005,Hyderabad




WIPRO-Placement Paper-26 Feb 2005-Hyderabad 

Verbal-15 questions
Analytical- 30 Questions
Technical-35 Questions Time-90Min


For the verbal section GRE barrons will do..
It includes fill in the blanks..analogies ..on paragraph containing blanks..synonyms..idioms


1 A horse is tied to the corner of a square of side 15 m with a rope of length 14m.Find the area which the horse can graze and the area which it cannot.
2.The ratio of incomes of C and D is 3:4.the ratio of their expenditures is 4:5.Find the ratio of their savings if the savings of C if one fourths of his income.
3 Find the no of ways in which four balls can be selected from 4 green and 6 white balls
4. A is 6 times as fast as B and takes 100 days less to complete a work than B. find the total no of days taken by A and B to complete the work.
5.A cube is painted Black. It is divided into 125 equal cubes.find the no of cubes which have atleast 2 sides painted black.
6. If a covers 15 miles in 20 minutes and 20 miles in 30 min then find the average speed of A.
7-16 analytical type questions
These r basically easy ones...we need not work out much..the answer will be in the question itself....we need to have concentration...don't waste time trying to solve doing all rough work...read the question first...
If pqrstuvw are numbered from22 - 33 not necessarily in that order....given few condition like
R is as much less than u as t is more than p etc etc...and many more conditions llike this...
One condition was q is in the middlle... find the orer of the letters starting from lowest to highest.
And in the choices there was only option which had q in the middle ..so guys don't waste time trying to arrange the letters jst check the conditions and look in the choices which satisfies
18 if 39X41=15 and 47X56=12 then 24X78=? (numbers not exactly same but model)it was tough
19 The ratio of the no of boys to teachers is 3:80.if 3/5 of the students r girls and the no of boys is 51 more then the no of girls find the no of teachers.( Not sure may be one more condition missing).
if DKML is coded as MNJK then FGHY is coded as ( letters r not same)..it was tough
one more on probality like a 6 letter is to formed insuch a way that no letter is repeated etc etc I don't remember exact question another one like rabbit gives tortise a start of 200 m .if 2 leaps of rabbit is equal to 3 leaps of tortise then find the no of steps taken by rabbit to catch up with tortise..(not exactly but model is similar)


Register variables can hold
a Garbage values
b Array
c Double values
d All of the above

2.When an array is passed to a function what exactly is passed.
the values of the array
the address of the starting variable in the array.
The addresses of the elements in the array

Compiler recognizes the function as pure virtual function if
A The function if equated to 0.
B the function has no body
C if it is declared with the keyword virtual
D none

In the select clause which of the following can be used to group the data
A group by
B order by
C having
D none

netware uses which protocol
5. Which of the following is invalid
A class