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Home » Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Paper-31 Mar 2007,Bhubaneswar

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Wipro Placement Paper-31 Mar 2007,Bhubaneswar


Wipro visited our college I.T.E.R., Bhubaneswar(orissa) on 31st march 2007 and selected 103 students out of 260(aprox.) who appeared for the test. I'm elated to say that i'm among those recruited by wipro. And i've compiled this based on my interview experience and this may help you. It was the second on campus recruitment drive in our college for 2008 pass out students and i'm in 3rd year.

First round consisted of written test and those who qualified this test had technical interview and those who qualified that were able to give Hr interview which was last round and those who were selected in HR round were sort listed or recruited by wipro.

Written Test
Pattern was same as previous but questions were set by them after they visited our college . They make the questions keeping in mind your syllabus and your college standard(since our college is one of the top one in state written-especially technical was top). The paper was divided in to 3 sections namely
a) Verbal (english) (15 questions-15 marks)
b) Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude (15 questions-15 marks)
c) Technical Section (20 questions-20 marks)

So we had to answer 50 questions in 60 minutes duration and there is a lower cut-off for each of above section. Since our paper was top cutoff was about 6 in english section, 6 in apti section, 3 in technical section as tech was V.V. top.200 out of 260 qualified this written test as it was top and cutoff were low.

a) Verbal part or English (15 QUESTIONS) was very easy and there were about 3 analogies, 3 fill in the blanks, 3 antonym-synonym, 2 jumbled sentences (in each ques 4 lines were given and we have to decide the sequence which can form a paragraph) ,2 odd word out & rest punctuation & correct the sentence type questions. No need for preparing from barron's or any other, but daily reading of news papers i mean general English knowledge will helpto answer about 9-10 ques correcltly. Guess rest of them and never leave blank. (There were no questions regarding passage, no reported speech,no active-passive voice conversion.)

b) Reasoning & Quantitative Aptitude (15 QUESTIONS) were bit difficult (lengthy) . It covered questions from area-volume, Time n work, Time-Distance, 2 paragraph based conclusion, 2 puzzle type questions, permutation....i don't remember much........ (no verbal reasoning ques were there)

c) Technical Section (20 QUESTIONS)
It had same cutoff for all branches as questions were not only from Computer science subjects but also from Electronics, Digital and computer fundamental. It was very top..perhaps cutoff was 3. Still about 9-10 questions were easily solved by me.
-c-c++ output based (5 ques-bit confusing)
-one question from Transisitor cct. was given and we were asked to find volt.....
-a fundamantal ques from encoder-encoder does what (perhaps conversts 2^n i/p lines to n o/p lines)
-which one of the following is not a pure combinational circuit- options were full adder , serial adder, decoder.........
-2 very difficult questions from unix egrep command & other one i don't remember.
-a semaphore program was given and questions on that.
-concept of pipeline processor(difficult one)
-order in increasing memory access time...(Register ,Cache ,Semiconducter ,Magnetic memory)
-other from os
-rest questions were like that from OS and there were no question from RDBMS, Datastructure,Networking in this paper.

Technical Interview
It was bit difficult as my panel consisted of a very experienced lady. She asked a variety of questions from java (as i told i prefer java over c to do programs in lab after she asked me)(advantages,JVM), algorithms (sorting algorithms- explain buble sort). One difficult question was, "Give a real life application when selection sort is used to sort". I did not know and i said her that all sorting algos can be used any where so it'll be difficult to differentiate which one to be used.(this is not correct but i answered smilingly). Then she asked again what criterias will you consider a sorting algo to be used when you need to use...i told various concepts like running time, complexity, space requirement is to be considered. Then what striked to my mind and i said firmly in Shortest Job First algorithm selection sort will be better and explained some thing regarding that.(i don't know the ans. but i confidently explained that and she was confused). Then she asked the subjects that were there in semester and i said CAO, Automata Theory, Algorithm Analysis, but i never said Digital Electronics, Microprocessor even they were taught. Also about networking & OS i said it's just started in our college and pls. ask me basics(she asked paging but i could not answer b'coz it was not covered in class and i told that to her). She asked a question on CAO- how a single instruction is executed in dual processor.(CAO automata are the subjects where most people are not good with so you will not have any questions from them even if he/she is and expert & experienced developer or technical manager) . She then asked about hobbies and marks in 10th +2. Then she gave me HR form of wipro and i was very happy to get it even i answered many questions wrong but i was confidently saying.I was first to be given the hr form by thge lady. I talked informally & friendly with the interviewer and said all problem to her with smiling face. My friends were asked some programs (easy) and many were grilled on branch subjects. If you will be given the HR form during Tech interview that means that you are selected for HR round, else you are rejected. I could not highllight my project and i was not asked a single questions regarding project.(in Hr round she just took a glance on the project report which was inside the file..)

HR Interview
Interviewer was a young lady and was friendly. She was looking through the HR form submitted by me and asked questions on that-

Tell some thing on your family background?

She asked about hobbies---i had given hobby as blogging and she asked how do i get time....
i told perfect time management halps me to take time for blogs and semester exams and curriculum

Then she glanced my resume and saw that i had written that my blog named XYZ is one of the top blogs on mobile. She asked how do you judge that it's top...i said that when we search some thing about series 60 mobiles in google search it appears on top in first page many times...she then smiled and said i'll like to visit it.

What are the areas where i need to be improved?
I said what ever i wrote in HR form.(then she adviced some thing pertaining to that and said best of luck and wrote some thing on the Hr form after i left)

My friends were asked questions about wipro, about their falling career (not for all) (career is never a problem) in Hr and they saw confidence level, atitude, communication skill etc.- about 10 persons were rejected in HR round which is final round. Answer smilingly and never fumble(practice) while speaking (best is su speak slowly-loudly and don't be monotonic) and never become confused at interview. 
Best of luck to this site users and this site helped me a lot to gain confidence and learn.


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