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Home » Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Paper-29 Mar 2007,Chennai

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Wipro Placement Paper-29 Mar 2007,Chennai


The First round is as usual aps it started by 10 20 and lasted for an hour.

The first round consisted of three sections





15 questions in this part

Verbal part was not so difficult. The basics like active to passive, direct to Indirect, sentence completion, error detection…Though it appeared easy some the questions were misleading so be careful, have a second look.(wren n martin) would be sufficient I think...


The aptitude section consisted of questions from R.S.Agarwal. And 5 to 6 questions were directly from SHANKUNTALA DEVI.

The questions asked were

1) The average marks of 50 students were given and if 30 students are reduced by 100 marks. It gave the average of 45 students. I do

remember the exact values but the procedure is, find the total of the 50 students, subtract 3000 from it ll be equal to 45x i.e.


Ans X=600

2) Three naughty boys stole some mangoes from a garden. As it was late in the evening they decided to hide the mangoes in a place under a tree

and went to sleep. The first boy woke up, went to that place ate one mango and took one third of the mangoes and left the remaining in the same

place. Next the second boy woke up, went to that place, ate one mango and took one third of what was there and left the remaining in the same

place. Now the third boy got up did the same like the other two and left the remaining mangoes in the same place. In the morning when all the

three went to that place, they saw a mango over ripe so they threw it away and shared the remaining equally among themselves. How many

mangoes did they steal from the garden?

a) 67 b) 69 c) 79 d) 89

The ans is 79.

All the values which were divided should have been a multiple of three. The way I solved is go from the answers, 79-1=78

78/3=26.. 78-26=52.. 52-1=51.. 51-51/3=34… 34-1=33..


22 were there in the morning. 22-1=21 which is also a multiple of three shared equally.

3) The length of a rectangle is 50 % more than that of the breadth. If it costs rs.60 to paint for a meter and costs some ___ rs (I forgot) for the total rectangle find the length of the rectangle?

The answer is 60m

4) A simple sum from probability.

5) You are standing on a vertical tower. U see a boat moving towards the tower. It takes 10 min for the angle of elevation to change from 30 to 60 degree. Find the height of the tower.

Assume the height of the tower to be x. and the total distance covered by the boat be y the distance covered in 10 min be z.

Tan 60=x/y-z tan 30=x/ z speed of boat =s . s= a/(10/60)

With these equations find the height of the tower.

6) One question from arrangements in a square. Like if A is to the left of C and is to the right of D. And G is below F and above A. H is to the left of G and above B and so on.. it was quite easy. Such sums are in puzzle test from verbal n non verbal R.S.Agarwal.

7) One more from arrangements. There are seven racks numbered from 1 to 7. There are seven types of books chemistry, physics, and maths and so on. If one rack can contain books of the same subject only. Physics books are two racks above chemistry and one rack below geography.

In which rack is the physics book present?

8) one questions from profit and losses from R.S.Agarwal Some ratios between A:B:C s profits and salaries were given find the savings of A..?

9) A number series. Fine the number which does not match the series. a little difficult

10) One easy problem from pipes and cistern

11) One from time and work I don remember

And others I don remember..

I found the questions to be somewhat easy but most of the sums were time consuming so be careful with time management.


Questions from C, C++, OS, data structures, DBMS.

Am from EEE and I don know even what does dbms mean. But the cut off for non IT and non cse students are low for the tech questions so managed to clear the first round with C, C++ and data structures and some wild guess.

We were asked to go for lunch and were made to wait in seminar hall. The results were announced after few hours. And the short listed candidates were asked to attend the Technical HR


I heard from my friends that 50 % of the elimination takes place at the tech hr. so I was a little nervous. After I was made to wait for s.time I was sent to one of the panels. Around 10 panels were there I guess.

The Hr who attended me was a handsome man. I wished him and I was asked to be seated. He asked me to say about myself, I was prepared for that question answered him.

I was asked to say about my family. I stammered a little at the beginning as it was the first HR interview I faced ever in my life. 

Then he had a look for some two minutes at my resume. Thank god he started asking about my project. Explained my project completely for 10 mins, he asked me to draw the block diagram of it. I did. Doing a project in the 3rd year helped me to highlight myself and to clear the hr round. 

He was satisfied with my explanation and he said I thought of giving you something and gave the hr form for the personal interview.


Clearing the tech round boosted up my confidence level. The HR who attended me was the same person, who came for the presentation, He was really cool during the presentation, and it gave me some hope.

It was jus like a stress interview. He asked me to say some subject apart from the areas of interest I specified. I said him. He asked few questions from it again I stammered a little but answered to all his questions.

He asked me what n al programs u can write in C... (I specified programming in C in my areas of interest) I said for any given task I can write sir. u ask. I said it confidently So he said its k you can go.

I was confident of getting placed. And after few hours the results were announced.

THANK GOD AND THANKS TO THE HR my name was there in the final list.

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