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Home » Placement Papers » Wipro Placement Papers » WIPRO PAPER ON 25th JUNE 2007 AT PUNE (Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engg)

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WIPRO PAPER ON 25th JUNE 2007 AT PUNE (Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engg)




Dear Friends….This is manoj from pune…I wnt to share my experience to all the viewers of  This site really helped me. I got placed at WIPRO on 25th june.

WIPRO came to our college on 25th june. There were total  three rounds.

Ø  Aptitude

Ø  Technical


Belive me the aptitude was really tough one. I previously attended in TCS,CTS,ACCENTURE but I found apti of wipro toughest.No repitition unlike TCS. In TCS u can easily clear apti by preparing prevoius papers. The apti round is elimination round. 70 students appeared 36 cleard the apti. The apti section had three part

Ø  English: I found it was rather easy compared to other two section. There was 3 antonym, 3 synonym,2 jumbled sentence to make them in a correct sequence, 1 blood relation,3 analogy. Analogy ,relation can be prepare from RS Agarwal, cant say anything about english.

Ø  Mathematics:  I really got frustrated  when saw that they were really tough. There were 2 puzzale of arrangement and age, 1 problem on average,1 profit n loss (breakage of diamond on three parts…),permutation combination,probability,train time and distance rest I  cant remember

Ø  Technical:  To tell the truth I could hardly answered 4 question correctly rest of them ONLY WILD GUESS…I am from Electronics branch but the technical questions were from OS,C,C++ ,LINUX,UNIX….really a heartbreaking.

But by GODs grace I cleard apti. There is sectional cutoff. Total 50 question in 1 hour. 20 technical,20 math,10 english.

After the aptitude there was technical round. It lasted for 45-50 mins. The interviewer was friendly. But he was attacking from me everyway.  Be prepare with ur project.
INV: tell me about urself
Me:  told
INV: Ur fav8 subject?
Me: told
INV:what abt digital?
Me: fine
INV: what is MUX?
Me: told
INV: draw any FF with truthtable
Me: drawn
Inv: what is tristate buffer
Me: didn’t ans
Inv: asked ques frm project for 15 mins….
Inv: draw architecture of 8085 n working
Me: drawn and explained
Inv: what happen when a code executes?
Me : told
Inv:  what is pipelining???
Me: told
Inv: returned to project again….
Inv: what is control system?
Me: told
Inv: draw a contol syatem for water level contoll…
Me: drawn nd he asked some question from there…
Inv: what is closed loop system..
Me: told
Inv: sum question from diode and transistors…easy 1…

But the real thing is that they want technically sound guys..so u must b prepared with ur technical…no questionwas asked from c or c++….I think this is bcoz I m frm Electronics…..but its better to prepare C..

After that there was Hr round.the HR was really very good n cool. HR was a lady. Actually after completing the technical round I was filling a form n after filling I went to her to submit that form…I didn’t know that she was HR and going to take my HR interview that moment. She was doing her work n when I went the rum she asked me to sit n wait for a moment…I sat n after completing her wor she asked me to tell me about myself….

I started and When she asked me to show my certificates….and I left the file in the classrum !!!!!!! I said to her that I forgot to bring it with me then she smiled and told me not to worry and I took my file in the middle of the Hr round..then she told me to continue….

HR: so what is ur strength n weakness??
Me: told
Me: my weakness is that I cant see others going ahead of me….
Hr: So do u think this is ur weakness???
She very friendly told me the scenario of the corporate world where there is tough competition and every1 is going ahead of others every noe n
then… then hw will u cope up with them???
Me: here u need ur presence of mind to keep HR satisfied…
Hr: what is the difference between u n those standing outside…
Me: told….(In between she asked me for tea n biscuit!!!!1)
Hr:  did u take any step to cope up with ur weakness…
Me: nt yet but I will surely do something…(got nervous but recoverd myself…)
Hr: do u have any location preference???
Me: no
Hr: about signing bond of 75000rs….
Me: no problem…
Then she stood up n greeted me….nice meeting  with u manoj…
Me: me to mam…..

After 5hours at 7pm the result was out and 11 students were selected n I m one of them….I rejected in the technical round in TCS….couldn’t  clear the apti of CTS and ACCENTURE…I was really dissapointed …thanx god dt atlast I was placed at WIPRO…it was really a remarkable day….



New Click here to Download 2023 Latest placement papers of this company New



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