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     Home >> Free Source codes for Students > > Pascal Projects with Source Code 


    Pascal Projects with Source Codes

    1. Space Fighting Game in Pascal.

    2. Program that stores Bank account holder data in file.

    3. Program that checks the space on drive a:\ and also gives a graphical representation of memory.

    4. Randomizes two 3x3 arrays and indicates the numbers whih are common in both the arrays otherwise an cross 'x' is shown instead.

    5. To Find The Coinage Of The Amount Entered.

    6. Game to Gain more blocks by drawing appropriate lines from correct places(dots).

    7. Tic Tac Toe Game implemented in Pascal.

    8.  Student Database Information System.

    9.  A car game. You have to drive the car in such a way that you dont strike a barrier on the road.

    10. Excellent Rat in a Maze Program. 


    We thank the whole Programming Community on the Net to generously contribute for the Projects section of Vyom Technologies. We would like to thank the following for submitting their programs to us:

    Izhar ul islam khan, Mohammed Ali Akbani, Faraz Younus Bandukda, Kamran Jaka



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