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     Home >> Free Source codes for Students > > C Source Codes 


    Click here for C/C++ Projects

    C Source Codes

    1. Program to calculate sum of the series :- 1/1! + 2/2! + 3/3! + 4/4! ...

    2. Program for finding the prime numbers.

    3.  Program for finding the sum of digits of a five digit number.

    4a) Program to count no. of characters,no. of blanks,no. of words & no. of lines in a multi line string.

    4b) Program to display all vowels in a i/p line of text.

    5.  Program to correct rudimentary syntax errors.

    6.  Program to convert upper case to lower case or lower case to upper case depending on the name it is invoked with as found in argument i.e. ().

    7. Program to reverse the i/p string.

    8. Program to copy its i/p to its o/p replacing string of one or more blanks by a single blank.

    9. Program to find whether a given year is leap year or not.

    10. Program to reverse a string.

    11. Programto encrypt & decrypt a given string.

    12. Program to count the number of vowels in a string.

    13. Program to find & replace any desired character from the i/p text.

    14. Program to search for a palindrome.

    15. Program for infix to postfix conversion.

    16. Program to find the existence & frequency of an i/p sub-string in an i/p main string.

    17. Program for calculator simulation.

    18. Program to sort any no. of numeral i/p in ascending or descending order.

    19. Prg to find the type of the triangle made by i/p values of its coordinates of its vertices.

    20. Program to pick & display the largest element of an i/p matrix.

    21. Program to find the determinant of a matrix.

    22. Program to count the no. of words in an i/p text file.

    23. Program to construct a pyramid of any i/p numbers.

    24. Program to compare two input strings.

    25. Program to find out if entered string contains a space character.

    26. Program to print the ascii equivalent of all chararters in the entered string.

    27. Program to find an i/p substring in an i/p main string.

    28. Program to display the length of the entered string.

    29. Program to convert i/p decimal value to its hexadecimal equivalent.

    30. Program to display decimal equivalent of a i/p binary number.

    31. Program to display hexadecimal equivalent of a i/p binary number.

    32. Program to display the decimal equivalent of an i/p hexadecimal number.

    33. Program to display the binary equivalent of a hexadecimal equivalent.

    34. Program to swap two numbers.

    35. Program to find difference between two dates.

    36. Program to multiply two matrices.

    37. Program to find out the rightmost occurence of an i/p character in an i/p string.

    38. Program to test whether a given i/p string is of length greater than 80 chars.

    39. Program to create an alternative version of squeeze(s1,s2) that deletes each character in s1 that matches any character in the string s2.

    Data Structures

      1. Program for finding the transpose of a martix in sparse form.

      2. Stack operations through array.

      3. Stack implementation through linked list.

      4. Queue implementation through array.

      5. Queue implementation through linked list.

      6. Circular Queue implementation through array.

      7. "Rat in a maze" implemented in C.

      8. Linked List operations.

      9. Implementation & Operations on Trees.



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