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    Palm OS Programming from the Ground Up

    by Robert Mykland -- Beta Book preview

    Paperless Publishing,

    by Colin Haynes

    Paradox 7 Programming Unleashed,

    by Mike Prestwood

    Parsing Techniques: A Practical Guide,

    by Dick Grune, Ceriel Jacobs

    PC 99 System Design Guide,

    by Microsoft Corp (Editor), Intel Corporation

    Excerpts from PC and Help Desk Support, by Bill Rogers

    The PC Guide, by Charles M. Kozierok

    PC Housekeeping: Maximizing Your PC,

    by James G. Meade

    PC Week: The Intranet Advantage,

    by Shel Holtz

    PC Webopaedia

    Perl 5 by Example, by David Medinets

    Perl 5 Interactive Course

    by Jon Orwant

    Perl 5 Pocket Reference,

    by Johan Vromans

    Perl 5 Quick Reference, by Michael Foghlu

    Perl 5 Unleashed,

    by Kamran Husain, Robert F. Breedlove

    Personal Communications Version 4.3 for Windows 95, 98 and NT,

    by Julian Over

    Peter Norton's Complete Guide to Windows NT 4 Workstation, by Peter Norton, John Paul Mueller

    Peter Norton's Guide to Access 97 Programming

    by Peter Norton, Virginia Andersen

    Peter Norton's Guide to Java Programming, by Peter Norton, William Stanek

    Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing ,

    by Philip Greenspun

    Photoshop for the Web, 2nd Edition, by Mikkel Aaland

    -- Excerpts

    Photoshop Web Magic, Volume 2,

    by Jeff Foster

    PHP3 Manual, by Stig S�ther Bakken (Editor)

    Platinum Edition Using HTML 3.2, Java 1.1, and CGI ,

    by Eric Ladd, Jim O'Donnell, Jerry Ablan

    Platinum Edition Using Visual Basic 5, by Loren Eidahl

    Platinum Edition Using Windows 98,

    by Ed Bott, Ron Person

    Platinum Edition Using Windows NT Server 4,

    by Jerry Honeycutt

    Plug-in Guide for Netscape Communicator 4.0,

    Copyright � 1997 Netscape Communications Corporation

    POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility Developer's Guide,

    � Compaq Computer Corporation 1999.

    Porting UNIX Applications to OpenEdition for VM/ESA,

    by Erich Amrehn

    Porting VAX MACRO Code to OpenVMS Alpha,

    � Compaq Computer Corporation 1996.

    Portable Document Format Reference Manual PDF Version 1.2,

    by Tim Bienz, Richard Cohn, Adobe Systems Inc

    Portable Document Format Reference Manual PDF Version 1.3,

    by Adobe Systems Inc. -- Alternate PDF file

    PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts

    by Bruce Momjian -- Download PDF file -- To be published in 2000, �Addison-Wesley

    PostScript Language Reference, 3rd Edition [The Red Book],

    Powerbuilder 6.0 Unleashed,

    by Simon Gallagher, Simon Herbert

    Power Excel for Windows 95,

    by James G. Meade

    A Practical Guide to Implementing ADSM on AS/400,

    by Roland Leins, et al., IBM Redbook

    Practical Programming in Tcl & Tk, 2nd Edition,

    by Brent B. Welch

    Presenting JavaBeans,

    by Michael Morrison

    Preserving Scientific Data on Our Physical Universe:

    A New Strategy for Archiving the Nation's Scientific Information Resources,

    Problem Solving and Troubleshooting in AIX Version 4.3,

    by Richard Cutler

    Professional Active Server Pages,

    by Alex Homer

    Professional Active Server Pages 2.0,

    by Alex Fedorov

    Professional ASP Techniques for Webmasters,

    by Alex Homer

    Professional DCOM Application Development,

    by Jonathan Pinnock

    Professional IE4 Programming,

    by Mike Barta

    Professional MTS and MSMQ Programming with VB and ASP,

    by Alex Homer, David Sussman

    Professional Visual Basic 5.0 Business Objects,

    by Rockford Lhotka

    Professional Visual C++ 5 ActiveX/COM Control Programming,

    by Sing Li

    Program Microchip Technology�s PICmicro microcontrollers: PicBasic Compiler Manual [PBC]PicBasic Pro Compiler Manual [PBP]Programming in Emacs Lisp, by Robert Chassell

    Programming Perl, Second Edition [Camel Book],

    by Larry Wall

    Programming the Perl DBI: Database Programming for Perl and CGI, by Alligator Descartes, Tim Bunce

    Programming the Windows 95 User Interface,

    by Nancy Winnick Cluts

    Programming Windows, Fifth Edition, The Definitive Guide to the Win32 API

    by Charles Petzold

    Programming Windows NT 4 Unleashed,

    by David Hamilton

    Programming with VisualAge for Java,

    by Marc Carrel-Billiard, John Akerley

    Programming with VisualAge for Java Version 2,

    by John Akerley, Nina Li, Antonello Parlavecchia

    Promoting the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Through Partnerships,

    The Psychology of Menu Selection:

    Designing Cognitive Control at the Human/Computer Interface,

    by Kent L. Norman

    Pure Java 2, Excerpts,

    by Kenneth Litwak

    PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine:

    A Users' Guide and Tutorial for Networked Parallel Computing,

    Python DocumentationPython Tutorial, by Guido van Rossum [CNRI] Python Library Reference, by Guido van Rossum [CNRI] Python Reference Manual, by Guido van Rossum [CNRI] Extending and Embedding the Python Interpreter, by Guido van Rossum [CNRI] Python/C API Reference Manual, by Guido van Rossum [CNRI] Macintosh Library Modules, by Guido van Rossum [CNRI] The Python Imaging Library,

    by Fredrik Lundh

    Python Programming on Win32

    by Mark Hammond, Andy Robinson -- O'Reilly Beta Chapters


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